Thursday, February 20, 2020

Live lobsters, a storytelling pirate, and sea animal Pictionary: What we did for our February Break

From a lobster and crab touch tank to Tony Toledo's pirate stories about Boston Harbor, youth from East Boston YMCA, South Boston Neighborhood House, and the Laboure Youth Tutoring Youth Program joined our Youth Environmental Education Staff at Atlantic Wharf this week to learn about our ocean environment. More than 60 people over two days got to enjoy the Wharf, courtesy of Boston Properties.

Youth from South Boston Neighborhood House gather just before lunch.

Students from East Boston YMCA with our Youth Environmental Education Program Staff and Tony Toledo.

Although February Break means no school, we still had a day full of learning. Each day began with an interactive lesson about the history of Boston Harbor and why it needs to be protected. Youth learned about recycling, how plastic in the ocean hurts wildlife, and what they can do to help.

Then, we split into teams to experience three different stations. Up first was our ocean touch tank, featuring one lobster and two rock crabs. They learned how they swim, how to tell if they are male or female, and many other fun facts about our ocean friends while getting to see them up close and personal.

Kids from East Boston YMCA meeting Lizzie the Lobster. 

We also learned about the history of pirates in Boston Harbor with Tony Toledo, a master storyteller who loves singing and engaging with youth about the Harbor. He also collects all types of coins, which he gave out as pirate's treasure!

Youth from the Ollie and YTY Program practicing their pirate moves.

Last, we used the whiteboard wall in the Wharf to play a giant game of sea animal Pictionary! Kids drew a sea animal out of a hat and had to learn what animal it was and how to draw it. They had so much fun learning about new animals and trying to guess what their friends were drawing.

Our Environmental Programs Intern Matt plays Pictionary with a group from East Boston YMCA.

Thank you to our community partners and Boston Properties for making this February Break so special!

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