Sunday, August 14, 2022

Week 6 at BCM: The Skate Spectacular!

 Hi everyone! This week at Boston Children's Museum was a blast. We caught two skates and a Striped Bass at the museum on Tuesday and crabs every day. We had a lot of fun finding tunicates under the dock and showing them to our visitors. It was a great week overall!

A week in the life my site is always exciting and new. For most of the week, my group is stationed at the Boston Children's Museum on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It's a great place to be because it's shady, it has a good view, and you can feel the breeze that comes off of the water. At the museum we service families (most of whom are headed to the BCM) and the museum camp group once a week. The most common creature we catch at BCM is a green crab, and the second most common are skates. The BCM is a great spot to be stationed at for most of the week.

On Mondays and Fridays, my group is posted at Atlantic Warf (Monday) and Mirabella Park in the North End (Friday). Atlantic Warf is right across the canal from the Children's Museum, so we get the same benefits of the breeze off the water and the view. At Atlantic Warf, we host camp groups for arts and crafts and fishing, with lunch after. The most common creature that we catch at Atlantic Warf is a Green Crab. We rarely catch skates, even though we are right across from the water from BCM. At Mirabella Park in the North End, we play games and fish with a camp group to catch green crabs. I love going to Mirabella because it's in the North End, which is neighborhood I don't go to on a regular basis, and it's really fun to explore on Fridays. I also love the fantastic view of the Boston Harbor we get there. Last week we got to see the USS Constitution pull out of the Harbor!

I can't wait for next week. See you on the harbor!


                                                                Catching a skate at BCM 

                                                                    USS Constitution!

Ten Days Filled with Fun

With a camp session lasting for ten days, each week looks slightly different at Camp Harbor View as they work to get all of the kids through each activity. During the first week of camp, we spend the first-day doing orientation things with the campers, allowing them to get to know one another. The remainder of the week includes two morning fishing groups, with a fishing club in the afternoon. When kids come to fish with us, we get between ten and fifteen campers at a time, and they fish with us for about 45 minutes. Although we don’t always see the same kids more than once, it is nice to get got briefly interact with the majority of the kids who attend CHV. 

The second, and final, week of camp starts off fairly normal, but towards the end, we follow less of our standard schedule. We typically have a day where we participate in ice cream making, spending time with the campers, and hearing their feedback on the summer. Camp ends with the Harbor Hustle,  a day that has campers participate in activities all around the island as they compete to win it all. Witnessing the Harbor Hustle is always so fun, the campers always have so much fun and the staff gets to enjoy the day too. 

Working with campers to help them fish.

In addition to fishing with our groups, we have also begun some tide pooling and beach walks. During these times we bring our groups down toward the water where we search for marine life and identify what we find. The rocky beach provides excellent environments for bivalve species and small crabs. Hermit Crabs and Asian Shore Crabs are most common on the beach while Green Crabs are most common fishing on the pier. Even though we have only gone tide pooling a handful of times, I have greatly enjoyed my time doing so. 

With a few more weeks left at CHV, I am excited to continue to meet new campers while making great memories with the STH staff. I have had the most fun this summer and cannot wait for all that is still to come!

Catch you next time,


The Wild Adventure at CHV

 Week two at CHV was an amazing experience and this is truly the best site I have ever been apart of. The kids and the counselors at CHV are all great people. They would have different contests and it's always fun to watch the kids compete in different activities. During the fishing activities, the kids are always excited to fish with us and it's cool seeing them catch fishes that I have never seen before. Even when the kids get impatient our team does a great job to keep the kids engaged. I'm very proud of how close our team have gotten over the past 2 weeks and very grateful to be apart of a great group.

The community in CHV is very diverse so I can really be myself whenever I go there. Seeing people from other cultures and races only makes the community more welcoming for all people. Being at CHV saves me a lot of money because they would serve breakfast and lunch every day of the week. At first, I never thought the food will be good but it ended up tasting very good. They never make the same food twice it is always different and thats one of the main reasons I had enjoyed CHV so far. 

These past couple of weeks of CHV been one of the best times and experiences I had in a while. But unfortunately summer is coming to the end but that doesn't mean to stop having good times with our team. There is only two weeks left of summer but knowing our team we will take advantage of the time we have together instead of being down. I hope the next two weeks be the best times we have this summer and really take advantage of the small amount of  time we have together. 

See ya at the harbor
From Simon 

Week 5: My Final Blog

 Hey all, Sid here. This week was another one pretty standard week at All Access, along with a few events that happened. Unfortunately, this will be the last blog I do, since I'll be going to India next week on Thursday. I'm looking forward to going there, but I'll also miss this job a little. On Monday, I was at Piers Park, where we helped some kids fish on a dock. It was extremly hot there, and it didn't help that the dock was compltely metal.

On Tuesday, our group went on a fishing trip with a family, and we were able to catch a ton of fish. I think our total was 3 blue perch and 2 black bass; we may have caught others but I can't really remember.


On Wednesday we went to Spectacle once again, and it was a pretty regular day. It was actually a little chilly, which was a massive change from the previous days. At Spectacle, we did the usual fishing and helping kids.

On Thursday, we went to a youth summit, where I got to meet and talk to a bunch of other youth groups that are working in Boston. It was really interesting to learn about all of these other organizations. Some examples were The Mayor's Mural Crew, Stewards of the Future, and the Storytellers in Parks. I got to learn a lot. Finally, on Friday, my group went to Constitution Beach for the Maritime Festival. We ran a touch tank, and it was a pretty short event. 

So that was my Week 5. This is my final blog so maybe I'll come back next summer. I'm still not sure but, until next time

- Sid

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Week 5: Greetings from Camp Harbor View!

This week was my first week working at Camp Harbor View. It’s certainly very different than my previous site, the Boston Children’s Museum. It is also a whole lot of fun. I mean, how cool is it that I get to work on a Boston Harbor Island for a month? And given that it is a summer camp, there are fun activities that we sometimes get to engage in.

As enjoyable as this job is, there have definitely been times when communicating with kids has been challenging. Because I am aware that they experience the world differently than an older person, I haven’t always been exactly sure what to say to them. I want to make sure that they understand me and are receiving what I’m telling them well. However, that can be a little difficult when they are strangers and I have no idea what’s going on in their heads. Despite this, I've found that talking to kids can be a lot easier than I expected. It's pretty similar to having a conversation with someone my age--I just have to make sure to adjust my language so it's less complex. And if a kid is excited enough, they'll be perfectly happy to carry the conversation.

It isn’t just kids that I interact with at our sites, but entire families as well. One interaction from this summer that sticks out to me was when we taught a family who was visiting from Ireland how to fish. They were incredibly excited about free fishing being available to them, and it was clear that they had a lot of fun. While I don’t recall any of them catching any crabs or fish, one of them did pull up a discarded, muck-covered bag of peanuts. They found it quite funny, and jokingly referred to it as the “catch of the day.” Their enthusiasm was infectious, and I am really glad that we were able to make their visit to Boston just that much better. Not only that, but we were able to spread word of Save the Harbor and our work to another country!

Talk to you next week,


Week 5: Shabooyah Roll Call!

What's up, Blog Squad?!

I got assigned to a new site, Camp Harbor View, this past week, which has been super exciting. Instead than heading out to Spectacle and George's Island, which I'd been doing with All Access, now my team and I take a different ferry to Long Island. No, not that Long Island. This was my first time actually seeing Camp Harbor View, and now that I have, I can say I totally wish I had been a part of the program when I was younger. My favorite part about being there is how energetic the campers and their counselors get. The Great Hall is always super rowdy at meal times when each group of campers ("lighthouse") screams out their own version of the Shabooyah Roll Call chant, competing to be the loudest and as a reward, get served their egg sandwiches before everyone else. It can be a bit crazy sometimes, but it makes parts of your everyday routine way more fun in my opinion. At the end of the week, we got to see a bunch of the counselors sing and dance in the Counselor Talent Show, which was also really entertaining.


A cool lighthouse in the woods on Long Island

 As usual, we spent most of our time between the fishing station and leading groups on walks along the shore. Even though we mostly caught green crabs and spider crabs, this week we did actually get lucky for once and reel up a skate, which flopped around on the deck for a bit before Madison managed to pick it up from under its belly. She totally shouldn't have gotten credit for catching it, though - it was actually some kid who happened to be standing next to her at the time, but that's never how people in the group remember it. 

Because I misidentified the skate as a stingray at first, I had to give the species a quick google to learn a little bit more. Apparently, my mistake was pretty understandable, since both skates and stingrays belong the broader category of "rays" (from the superorder Batoidea) which applies to more than 600 different species. They're alike in the flat, wide shape of their body, and the fact that their skeletons are made entirely of cartilage, rather than bone -- just like sharks! Beyond those similarities, though, there's a few ways you can easily tell them apart. Skates are usually smaller than stingrays, don't have a venomous stinger, and have little thorny bumps on their backs, which is what made the one we caught so tricky to pick up! One other interesting difference between the two species is that skates lay eggs, which appear in a dark pouch sometimes called a "mermaid's purse", which stingrays are viviparous, which means that they actually give birth to live babies. Cool, right?

Nifty picture of a skate I found online

On a final note, I thought I'd mention that the coming week will be my last of this summer at STH, since I finish on the 19th. I've had a great time working here this summer - I plan to enjoy my last week as much as possible, and I hope you'll will check out my final blog, because it'll be a certified banger! Thanks for reading, and
see you all out on the Harbor!

- Alex 


Article on Skates vs Stingrays







Wednesday, August 10, 2022

First time ever at Camp Harbor View

 This marks the first week at my new sight camp harbor view (CHV) . It's a very fun sight to work at, for sure it is something that you have to get used to. All the staff and kids there are really fun to work with. They are definitely the reason why so many people go there. Tuesday was our first full day there we had to take a big boat to get there with all the campers and staff it was extremely hot throughout the week especially when you have barley and shade, but on the first day we got to go to orientation and play some fun icebreaker games to be able to learn all the new campers names and so that they could know who we were and what we're here to do it at chv which was to teach them how to fish and about ocean marine life and how it is affected by our everyday decisions and climate change. One thing that I like about this camp is that you get free food when your there so during the morning we get breakfast as a team and sometimes we’ll play some card games today or just talk and then we get good lunch and it hasn’t failed me yet so far then we usually take a boat back to Boston and that raps up our day as a whole.

Then on Wednesday and Thursday we got to meet some cool park rangers and we were able to go tide pooling with them which I have never done before so it was cool to have that be my first time. We all were able to find some cool things. I found some hermit crabs and some regular crabs that didn’t look like the regular green ones that we catch on a regular basis. They were yellow and green with spots all over them. While one group was fishing they were able to catch some cool spider crabs that happened to be pregnant because it is mating season so the eggs are red and there are millions of them. We found like three pregnant crabs that day that the kids got to see and even one camper caught a skate that day it kinda looked like a stingray. Then on Thursday it was a pretty chill day. We got to experience the camp harbor views talent show we’re majority of the staff performed for the campers which was very entertaining and exciting to be there and experience that. 

On Friday we got to do a staff day where we took the belle boat out to peddocks island and we went swimming. The water was very refreshing and we played some games especially football where we would just toss it around. Then some people went to explore the abandoned building or to go fishing or even check out the fresh water salt marshes and then on Sunday I got to work at the seafood festival it was actually really fun I liked all the people that were there and it was an easy event to work at me and see did tickets at the front then sea shell paintings. A lot of us got spray paint tattoos as well and there was a lot of good food all around to eat there I would definitely do it again. That concludes my week at STH.

See you on the harbor, Keiana 

The new crew at CHV

 Hey everyone! 

It's Madison your LHE at CHV back on here to talk about my team at CHV! This week we started a new team at CHV and I am so excited! This group has really started to get the ropes of how CHV! I have seen each of my team members engage with the kids and even staff at CHV in the best ways without having to be asked to do so! SO props to you all! 

This week Alex and Henry helped a camper pull up a skate! It was fantastic to see the excitement not only on their faces but also on the CHV camper's face! I then stepped in to help them un-hook the skate which allowed us to work fully as a team! 

At CHV we have become good friends with the staff which is so great! It has been great to see our new staff members also create a relationship with our friends out there! It makes the time at camp even more fun! There is one staff member at CHV who is the staff member that leads the kids to fishing club. It has been awesome to see him understand what we teach at fishing club and even jump into teach kids himself. This is super rewarding because our mission is to create a domino effect through our education and encourage all those we teach to go out and teach themselves! This staff member is the perfect example that what we are doing is making a difference!

This is my first summer with Save the Harbor. I have had such an amazing experience and I really want to lend that to my amazing SHE Jaelynne. She is such a great leader to the JPAS but also a great role model for me. I think we work super well as a team and have kept our staff engaged all summer long. She constantly is teaching me but also allowing me to step in and teach too! I am so grateful to have been her LHE this summer and hope that one day I can be as great as an SHE as she is! 

Overall it has been another great week at CHV and I am so sad for the summer to be over. But for now we will continue to have a great time saving the harbor!

See you next week on the water, 

Madison Murphy 

CHV camper that caught a skate!

My awesome SHE Jaelynne and I holding a huge spider crab!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Back with Piers Park :)

Hey guys! This week at piers park we pulled up a lot of crabs! Not as many spider crabs as the weeks past but still lots of green crabs. On Wednesday, one kid pulled up a spider crab attacked to 6 bunches of muscles and a fishing rod, quite the find! We also caught 2 baby flounders on the fishing trip with Captain Charlie and Courageous Sailing. But not only captain Charlie, me and Fatima got to drive the boat for a few minutes which was so cool.

I’ve stayed at Piers Park this month also, but one of my favorite experiences was with my last Piers Park group. We played ultimate frisbee with the kids and it was a lot of fun. We had to change the rules a little so then we could incorporate more kids. Also in our last group we played kick ball and it was challenging to work with some of my coworkers and the other counselors from Piers Park to not make the game too competitive for the kids.

With my SHE, Fatima, I’ve been trying to teach her how to shuffle, both the first step, and the bridge which has been fun. I’ve also been trying to and helping my fellow JPA’s how to skateboard. Overall the interactions with my coworkers have been simple but enjoyable. Che and I switch off on the touch tank especially when kids are playing and battling with pokémon cards at the picnic table. 

Sea you on the harbor!


Week 5: interactions

Hey sea creatures, it’s Ché again and back after week 5

This past week has been very fun problably one of my favorite week of working here at Save The Harbor. The kids were catching so many crabs, especially spider crabs. We ended up reeling up some spider crab that was humongous; it barley fit in the touch tank. Everyday these kids are more eager to fish, as soon as the kids come down they say, “can we fish , can we fish , can we fish ''. Personally I am getting so much more comfortable at the touch tank. I honestly feel like I can pick up any crab , small , big , feisty or calm. 

On Friday, we went on a trip to Peddocks Island where I was able to interact with all the JPA’s. This trip was an awesome experience. People were swimming , playing football and just simply talking and introducing each other. I ended up having fun with people I never expected to even talk to this summer which was cool. The boat rides to and back to the island was very nice and beautiful. The view of the harbor is something you just have to appreciate. Driving by all the islands was super satisfying. The only negative of the boat was I was in the front and it was super super hot.

Last but not least, interacting with my SHE and LHE is awesome. They give me advice and help me if I ever need help. They taught me the correct way to hold crabs , helped me interact better with the kids and just generally taught me how to be a better leader. I definitely can say I look up to them and learn so much from them. They are also really fun and funny too. There is never a day they fail to make me laugh. The interactions these past weeks have been amazing. Sea you later, Ché  

BCM Week every week

 Hello everyone! This was the first week at my new site at the children's museum and it is quite a change from All Access. It's always great to meet some new people that I haven't talked to yet in Save The Harbor because it gives a new refreshing sensation to it all. On Mondays, we have a group of kids to teach fishing and play games with. Tuesdays - Thursdays, we set up outside of the Boston Children's museum for anyone who wants to try fishing. It gives everyone in public an experience of fishing all for free, which is what I like the most. 

Interactions with the people who stop by to fish are one of the bests experiences working at Save The Harbor. I have mentioned this previously but I really enjoy these interactions, whether I'm playing games with kids or just having conversations while they are fishing. A lot of times there are kids who already know how to fish and we just talk about their joys of fishing along with what else they want to do. A lot of the time these kids who already have an interest in fishing are usually influenced by the rest of us and what we do. A handful of them say how they would like to work at Save The Harbor when they are older and that it really makes me lighten up inside seeing the kids so enthusiastic and adamant about something like that. 

One example of these interactions happened on a fishing trip and this interaction I will never forget. On the boat, I got to know a little boy by the name of Elijah and worked as his fishing buddy. He was a very good-hearted young man, and I could tell that fishing was his true love. I had been telling him all along that he would be the first person to catch a fish on this boat, and sure enough, he was. It was one of my favorite moments because I could see how excited he was when he pulled it up. He referred to me as his lucky charm and even requested a photo afterward. These interactions are what make these excursions worth it. I look forward to making more of these interactions and as always, I'll see you by the harbor.

Monday, August 8, 2022

My Interactions with Peers Park

Hey harbor people, it's Giacomo back again for another blog. This week's blog is about my interactions with different people during my first at our new site. My new site was Piers Park with my S.H.E Fatima and L.H.E Aleena. 

Going into my first week at Piers Park I was kind of nervous because I wasn't going to be with my normal group of people that I was used to. When I got there I was welcomed by Fatima and just with my first interaction with her I could tell she was a cool leader and someone I could find myself working well with. After leaving All Access I thought I would be doing something else besides fishing and crab trap but thankfully they do almost the same thing here. During that first day I got to introduce myself to the rest of the group and got to start getting to know my fellow JPA’s. During my lunch break I got to go out and get food with Harry and I got to know him very well.  

Overall for my first week it was really chill and I happen to actually really enjoy the new site I'm working at more than I thought. For the first week, most days we did our usual fishing with the kids and showing them what we caught in the crab trap. Luckily, on Tuesday we were able to go on a fishing trip with Courageous Sailing and got to see some of my co-workers from there (I use to go to Courageous for a coulple years) which was really cool. My interactions with the new kids, peers, and higher ups in my first week were overall positive and I can say I'm happy with it. See everyone on the harbor. -Giacomo
fishing trip lobster
asian short grab with some of our green crab “friends”

First week at camp harbor view!!

  As it kicks off this is my first week at camp harbor view, it has been a very high-energy-filled adventure so far! from having loud breakfasts to having loud lunches the overall interaction with people is great meeting people from different age groups and making new friends more and more every day and teaching people how to fish and tidepool is the best!!!

On my first week here we caught a skate and a bunch of green crabs that were feisty!!! and also there are a whole bunch of baby green crabs and also Pregnant spider crabs. Catching crabs has to be my favorite part of working at camp harbor view and holding them is even better as long as they're not angry with you.


Well that's all for my first week at camp harbor view I am excited for what's to come in the following weeks!!

Sunday, August 7, 2022

First week at Boston Children's Museum

Hi everyone! This week was my first week with the Boston Children's Museum group! It was really fun to experience a new setting to work in and to meet more of my coworkers. This week I learned what tunicates are and how they grow on Blue Mussels. The highlight of the week was Wednesday, when we caught a skate!

My favorite part of working at Save the Harbor is the interactions I get to have with the kids who come to our programs. Through working with them, I've learned that you can inspire someone to try something new, like holding a crab or fishing, by being kind and encouraging. I enjoyed every interaction that I've had with kids at Save the Harbor, but a few specific interactions stand out to me. One of these happened on the boat back from Spectacle Island, while I was working at All Access. I was sitting outside on a bench next to one of the windows of the cabin of the boat, when I heard a knock on the window behind me. I turned around and saw one of the kids that I had taught how to fish that day waving at me! This interaction made me feel proud that the kid had remembered me, and that he had probably enjoyed fishing with me. I felt so happy to be able to work at Save the Harbor and meet great kids through my job.

The second interaction that has stood out to me was when I was working at a Beach Bash at Carson Beach with the All Access crew. That day was really hot, and most people weren't too interested to spend more than a few minutes at our touch tank, expect for one kid. He came over to our table and really enjoyed holding the crabs! He asked us so many questions about them, like what kind of crabs they were and what they eat, and then he starting showing them to the other kids who came to our table! It was clear that he liked what we were doing and that we were having an impact on him. At the end of the day, he said he wanted to work for Save the Harbor when he was old enough! I felt like our group had an impact on him, because if we weren't there today he might not have had as good of a time or found something that he was really interested in. 

Overall, the best part of my job is inspiring kids. I love what I do and I can't wait for next week!

See you on the harbor,


Saturday, August 6, 2022

First Week in CHV


The first week on CHV was really fun and exciting for me and my peers. I got to see different fishes and crabs that I wouldn't have seen in all access. The energy in camp harbor view is unmatched we get to see talent shows and see groups yelling inside of the cafeteria which was pretty annoying at first but now starting to get use to the hostility. We get to fish with the same kids so hopefully we can start building different friendships soon with the kids and counselors. 

The energy in CHV is nothing like I have ever seen because they would have different competitions including which group can yell the loudest and you see people standing on tables. You would see them jumping off their seats and there is nothing like it. When the kids and counselors are matching each others energy it is an amazing thing to see. Also being with a new team and being in a new environment is always scary at first but once we started to work together it was like we already knew each other.

Meeting new people and being around different environments is always fun for me because we can experience new things and cherish them. It's always fun and exciting to be in CHV because of the diversity they're especially in the camps. Getting to learn the different type of cultures at CHV and seeing the different parts of the island. Can't wait for another fun week in CHV and excited to get to learn more about the island.

From Simon

See Ya at the harbor!!

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Part 3 of My Many Part Adventure

Hello my harbor friends!  

    I am back here again to share with everyone another blog. So for this week on monday both all access groups meet up at carson beach to survey the land for different kinds of shells and other species of animals. While we were there we found all different types of shells such as Northern Quahogs, west atlantic surf clams, blue mussel, Atlantic jackknife clam, and many more. Also during that day we had a crab trap in the water and when we pulled it up we were only able to find two types of crabs which are most commonly caught: the green crabs and a singular spider crab. crab.

    During this week I got to take the time to learn about two species that I encountered during this week. The first one is the European green crab which we most commonly found due to the fact they are a highly destructive invasive species. The first time they came to New England was about 200 years ago when European ships brought them in the ballast of the boat. They have been able to survive here for so long because their diet works well with our ecosystem and the lack of predators. They are so destructive because they feast on native habitats by eating calm, mussel, oyster, and outdo local crabs for food. 

    The second species I got to learn about is the spider crab. The spider crab is easily recognizable form other crabs to the fact it is covered in mud and sea moss, its incredible size that can almost go over nine inches long from its two main claws which are bigger than the normal legs, and the fact that the tips of their claws are a whitish-yellow and a really distinctive color from the rest of the body. The legs and claws of a male spider crab is about twice the size of a female. You can also tell the difference from spider crabs and other crabs due to the fact their claws are more life pincers that are slow and not as strong as other crabs. From my interactions with them I can say they are somewhat non-threatening unless you put your finger in its claw. Due to the fact they are slow moving and can't swim they are more like scavengers with their diet. The most diet from them consist of dead or decaying fish, invertebrates, and algae. 

    On Friday we got to finish our week at an event at Carson beach. We got to set up a crab touch tank for all the kids to come and hold both types of crabs and learn about them. It was a pretty big event with multiple groups of younger kids who mostly have never got to hold a crab and it was pretty cool to see their reaction every time we took one out of the touch tank. I think it was a perfect way to end my week.
green crab holding his shell
a bunch of people playing with the crabs 

See everyone on the harbor 

  • Giacomo Cincotti 


Final Week With All Access

Hello my harbor friends!

My past month with All Access has been one of the best summers I've had in awhile. It was one of the first times I was excited in the morning to go to work. During my month I got to really know my peers. I can say I've made some cool friendships and met some fascinating people. I remember during one of my first weeks someone was asking me about information on the paychecks and I had completely forgotten that we were getting paid to do what we do and had to go up to the office and set everything up. It was really cool talking to all different people on the ferry ride to either Georges or Spectacle island and I was able to show a lot of younger kids how to fish and actually use a fishing rod. I was happy that when it came time to switch to a different site, but I was sad that I wouldn't get to be with the same people because I had made some cool connections and enjoyed working with my peers. 

Throughout my entire month it was filled with only pleasant moments and making Rueben cry laughing. I found it was a great opportunity that every day we were always surrounded by different people and I was always able to teach at least one person something they didn't know before. I'd have to say one of my favorite moments was when a ederly woman came to the touch tank! She was with her grandson and when new people came I would pick a grab up and use his claw to wave hello. She thought it was absolutely hysterical and just sat there for bout ten minutes holding a crab and waving at me saying hello. Overall my experience with All Access has truly made this a summer I won't forget!

me and my friend 

Week Two: History Lesson Of The Harbor

Hello harbor enthusiasts! I’m back here with my second blog of the summer with Save The Harbor. During my second week I've started to learn a lot more information about Spectacle Island and Georges Island. So far I've definitely learned more about Spectacle than I have about George's but I've been able to go through the fortress on George's and got to explore which really excited me. So far during my second week I can definitely say I've learned a good bit of information about both islands that I didn’t know before.

So far from what I’ve been told is that the harbor was absolutely gross. Personally I can not say that as a fact considering that I was not alive or was way too young to remember but from what David has told me and multiple history lessons the harbor was absolutely disgusting. The harbor was so bad that people who worked on the harbor had to get tetanus shots because it was required. David told us about how the harbor was completely infested with trash to the point you couldn’t even see whatever was just trash and to me that sounds absolutely ridiculous. 

Out of the two islands I've been to, I don't think I'm able to pick a favorite due to the fact I like them both for completely different reasons. Spectacle is awesome because you're able to go around and swim at the beach when you get too hot or go walk around the island and see the views. The fishing spot on the pier is a lot better then the one at George’s. On the other hand, George's is cool because I find the fort really fascinating and believe the history behind it is just as cool. 

During this week I have found it truly fascinating to learn about all the different things about both islands like how spectacle was a flaming pile of garbage for almost 10 years and how the people had to sue the city of Boston to clean up the harbor ( this is how deer island came into place(“big white dinosaur eggs” -David). and how on George’s island the stories about the lady in black and how even before the fortress was completed it was already outdated by the naval ships. 

Very excited to see everyone on the harbor,


Spectacle Island from the boat

alex stuck in the oven at George’s Island fort 

The end of BCM

This week of saving harbor was my last week at my first site which was the Boston Children’s Museum. Overall it has been a fun and busy experience to work here. You meet a lot of different kids and people that are excited about the crabs. And the weather was perfect for the week. It wasn't too hot outside to the point where you can’t do anything. Our week usually consisted of being at Atlantic Wharf on Mondays, Tuesdays through Thursdays at BCM, and then on Fridays we had the pleasure of going to the North End and hanging out with little kids from camps in the North End.

My favorite part about working at Boston Children's Museum was getting out of my comfort zone and being able to try new things such as trying to get families to come and see the crabs. It wasn’t always so hard to do because all the kids liked the green crabs and it was always a blast for them to hold them and go fishing. Usually it was something that they never did before or something that they enjoy doing and it brought back a good memory for them. Usually we only catch green crabs but we were able to catch another spider crab and then a cute little flounder this week.

That's a wrap for the month of July! I can't wait to meet my new group in August and see what awaits me. 

See you on the harbor, Keiana 

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

First catch of the summer!

Hi everyone! My name is María Isabel Rodríguez Ortega. I am a Senior Harbor Educator and Environmental Policy Assistant here at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay. Prior to joining the youth summer program staff, I worked here as part time staff throughout the year. Being able to experience two different parts of the organization has been so fulfilling and fun! As a Senior Harbor Educator I get to go to Spectacle and George's Island! Although I just learned how to fish this summer,my favorite part is teaching kids how to fish.
This summer has been filled with amazing experiences, laughs, new connections, and personal growth. But the most important thing is... I caught my first fish ever! The serotonin I got from this has lasted all summer! I can't wait to continue to gain new skills through this position.
The past four weeks have been great with my team. We created a team bond and saw each other grow in many ways. Although I will miss them, I am excited to work with a new group and help them achieve their goals.
See ya out on the harbor! ~María

The Wonderful Waters of Week 3

Hey everyone, it's Will again. I had a very exciting third week at Save the Harbor. I went on a fishing trip early in the week and a beach bash later on. The fishing trip was exciting because there were a lot of kids and they caught a good amount of Black Sea bass. Once again, I failed to catch a single organism but I'm not upset about it, I still had fun. Spectacle Island on Tuesday was somewhat of a drag. Not in the sense that it was boring, but the heat was a little overwhelming. The fishing was good, we caught an insane amount of green crabs and quite a few spider crabs. I didn't get a chance to go into the water but I'm sure it would have been super refreshing. The beach bash was also extremely hot. There weren't many kids that went to it but it looked like everyone was having fun. It was the first one of the year and I think it went really well. It was very organized and nobody seemed stressed out about it. On Thursday, we went to George's Island and the heat was simmered out by the amount of wind there was. One kid caught a massive green crab, the biggest one I have ever seen. It was a very successful week in my opinion. 

    Green crabs are crustaceans that have invaded our harbor. They are European green crabs and travelled over here on boats that came from Europe. They are typically 60- 90mm when fully grown but can grow to about 100mm when outside of their native range. They are found virtually on every coast around the world. Even though they are known as green crabs, they come in different colors like red and brown. They normally eat kelp, eel grass, and scavenge meat. Females can produce up to 185,000 eggs. Larvae develop offshore and juvenile crabs grow in the intertidal zone. 

    Black Sea bass is a species of marine ray- finned fish. Typically found near rock jetties, Black Sea bass eat crabs, shrimp, small fish, worms, and clams. This fish has a maximum length of 26 inches They are found anywhere along the coast from Maine to Florida. Black Sea bass spawn in coastal areas from January to July.

    Next week I'm excited for going to the Islands. I love All Access and I'm so glad that I've been able to work there for the past month. 

See you on the islands one last time this summer, 


Week 4: Benevolent Bye to BCM

This past week was my last week at the Boston Children’s Museum, and it was pretty fun! It was also quite a busy week. We interacted with a lot of people and caught a lot of crabs. Mercifully, the weather was cooler this week than it has been previously. Perhaps it was the temperature that helped us catch so many critters?

Working at the Boston Children’s Museum has definitely been an exercise in being confident and outgoing. If we want to engage people with the harbor, we have to prompt them to do so. While there are plenty of people who aren’t interested, there are still a good amount of people who are. And some of those folks have been a lot of fun to interact with! For example, we talked to a lot of people who were traveling to Boston. We’ve had folks from Louisiana, Ottawa, Ireland, and more! Not only is it fun to talk to people from other places, it’s great to know that Save the Harbor/Save the Bay can have such a wide impact.

As someone who loves biology and ecology, specifically with regards to animals, catching and observing animals was one of my favorite parts of the site. It was especially exciting when we caught animals other than green crabs. The three fish we caught were most exciting, along with a spider crab who was carrying eggs! Two of the fish we caught were very small flatfish. Catching and observing these animals leaves me with a lot of questions about their biology and environment. Why did we only catch small flatfish? When will the spider crab release her eggs? I hope that I will be able to explore these questions more at my next site.

Talk to you next week!


A group photo with a striper at the office.

Bobilius the bucket was very helpful when it came to changing the water in the touch tank.


Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Week 4! Piers park :)

Week 4, and time is flying! 

Hello everyone! Piers Park has been a blast and I can’t wait to continue to be working there luckily. The people we work with are amazing, fun, and super supportive. The kids are so cool, they're fun and always super excited to try and catch crabs and fish. Everyday I come to Piers Park super excited to start the day off playing "Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean" with them or even "Everybody’s It". The games we play with the kids reminds me of the games I used to play when I went to summer camps. Also, on Thursdays after the meeting the boat back to Piers was awesome, and especially early in the morning seeing the harbor view was just beautiful. I even got to drive the boat for a few! 

The past couple days at Piers Park we have been having kids catch crab after crab after crab. We sadly don’t catch fish at all at Piers but the crabs are the kid’s favorite anyways. Everyday the kids come down to the dock running down the ramp to ask what’s in the touch tank. These kids are super brave; spider crab , green crab or any crab these kids are ready to grab them no matter what. Even I’m scared a little to grab these crabs so these kids make me feel like a scareddy cat.

My last week at Piers they told me that I will be assigned at touch tank to face my fears and now I can pick up any crab that gets put in that touch tank. I’m handing these kids crabs out to the kids so easily which is actually more fun than I thought it would be. The kids love the crabs so muh they will sit at the tank and watch these crabs do nothing for a whole hour if they could. The other half of the group would be sharing fishing rods trying to catch what ever eats their bait. They get so excited when something eats their bait and it gives them so much hope they are about to catch something. Overall, Piers Park has been a blast and I can’t wait to keep working there with an amazing new team. Sea you next time, Che