Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Take The Plunge! 2019 Harpoon Shamrock Splash

Join us on Sunday, March 10, for the Harpoon Shamrock Splash plunge and pledge fundraiser and beach party at the BCYF Curley Community Center at M Street Beach in South Boston.

Brave participants will splash into the clean, cold water to raise funds for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)’s Better Beaches Program. This program funds free events on the region’s beaches in Lynn, Nahant, Revere, Winthrop, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, Quincy and Hull.
Brave participants at the 2018 Harpoon Shamrock Splash prepare to splash into the water at M Street Beach to benefit Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and DCR's Better Beaches Program. 

Last year, more than 150 participants made the splash and raised more than $50,000 for the Better Beaches Program. The success of the Splash allowed Save the Harbor and DCR to award Better Beaches grants to 36 community groups who held more than 150 free events on the region’s public beaches from Nahant to Nantasket.

“For me, the beach season begins in March with a quick dip into the cool clean water of Boston Harbor on the cleanest urban beach in the country at the Harpoon Shamrock Splash” said Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s Director of Strategy and Communications Bruce Berman. “Clean water, cold beer, hot chowder and the chance to win great prizes while raising funds for a great cause with good friends. Sometimes, life truly is a beach.”

This year’s Harpoon Shamrock Splash begins with registration and check-in 11 a.m. and the signature splash at 12:00 p.m. The day includes a costume contest, awards ceremony, and beach party. Participants are encouraged to dress in their best shamrock attire.

The Life’s a Beach Festival at Carson Beach featured performers from the Boston Circus Guild, storytelling pirates,
beach games, and swimming and kayaking lessons. 

Early registration is just $20, while same day registration is $25, and includes a refreshing beer from Harpoon Brewery, hot chowder from the Daily Catch and refreshments on the beach. Those who raise more than $250 will get a Harpoon pint glass, and those who raise more than $500 will receive Harpoon apparel.

“For 32 years, it has been important to the Employee Owners of Harpoon to be a good neighbors,” said Harpoon Brewery President Charlie Storey, who has taken part in the event since the beginning. “That starts with our neighborhood, right here on Boston Harbor and on our public beaches. We’re honored to support Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and can’t wait to brave the cold water on March 10th— and to drink some great beers afterwards!”

Splashers braved the cold water during the 2018 Shamrock Splash. 

There are plenty of chances to win round-trip flights from splash sponsor JetBlue as well. The top two fundraisers, the winners of the costume contest and the person who receives the most donations will each win a pair of round-trip tickets from JetBlue to any non-stop destination they fly to in the continental United States from Logan Airport. All registered participants will be entered into a raffle for a pair of tickets as well. Those that raise more than $500 will be entered into a separate elite raffle as well.

“At JetBlue, we’re proud to support the local causes and organizations our crewmembers and customers are most passionate about,” said Ronda McLeod, regional marketing manager, JetBlue. “With more than 3,000 crewmembers in Boston, we’re committed to the community and are thrilled to be a part of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and the work they’re doing to the region’s public beaches.”

You can register for this year’s Harpoon Shamrock Splash at www.shamrocksplash.org

Monday, January 21, 2019

Harpoon Shamrock Splash Fundraising Toolbox

Dear ___________,

On Sunday March 10th, I will be plunging into the cold water of Boston Harbor at the Harpoon Shamrock Splash to raise money for free and fun programs and events like circuses, camps and concerts for over one million kids and families on Boston's public beaches!

Will you sponsor my Splash and help me raise money for this great cause? When you donate, you are entered to win a round trip flight on JetBlue.

www.shamrocksplash.org/(YOUR PAGE HERE)

If you want to get in on the fun, join me on March 10th for a cold beer, hot chowder and chances to win great prizes from Harpoon and JetBlue.

Donate or sign up at www.shamrocksplash.org

Thank you, and hope to see you on the beach.

2018 Splashers taking the plunge

2018 Splash Costume Contest

About Save the Harbor/Save the Bay

The Harpoon Shamrock Splash benefits Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and the Department of Conservation and Recreation's Better Beaches Program. Since 2008, the Better Beaches Program has brought millions of people to the region's public beaches by funding nearly 650 free events and programs including the Revere Sandcastle Competition, the Boston Circus Guild, Olliepalooza, and dozens of other free concerts, camps, family fun nights, and block parties. In addition, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is the region’s leading voice for clean water and continued public investment in Boston Harbor, the region's public beaches, and the Boston Harbor Islands, and the Boston Harbor Connection for the region’s youth, teens and families, serving another 30,000 people a year with their free Youth Environmental Education Programs and cruises to the Boston Harbor Islands.
Boston Circus Guild at a Better Beaches Event

Youth group learning the art of sand raking from Andres Amador 

Boston Circus Guild performing at a Better Beaches Event

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Alberto Bernard - Marketing and Design Intern


My Name is Alberto Bernard and I will be your new Marketing and Design Intern. I am from Providence, Rhode Island and my family hails from the small island of the Dominican Republic. As the first member of my family to graduate from college, I strive to do great and to be great. After graduating from the New England Institute of Art, I took time off from my career to take care of my family, taking odd jobs here and there. I have no regrets, but I feel like it's time that I focused on my career and take the next step forward in my life.

I am here to make something I'm proud of. It's my sole reason for making art and my sole reason for working as hard as I do. I am here to design and help grow the aesthetic elements for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. My efforts shall be focused on social media growth, event promoting, and modernizing the the overall look of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. In my time here I am sure I can work with everyone to make good work.

In my youth I benefited from after school programs; I saw first hand how important and impactful a program of that nature can be, and I found myself working along side them. In some regards, this led to all my work experience in child care and social outreach: from Jr. Staff in middle school, to substitute teaching at a preschool during college. My current job is that of an after school art teacher.

At Save the Harbor,  I understand how these programs are funded and what it takes to get them running. Save the Harbor does good work and I feel that working with them, I can be proud of what I do.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Intern - Eve Liberatore

Hello there!

My name is Eve Liberatore and I'm so excited to start my new journey as Save the Harbor/Save the Bay's 2019 Environmental Policy intern! I'm currently in grad school at Umass Dartmouth in the Environmental Policy program, and it's such a privilege to be able to learn and glean real-world experience at the same time. I've always been an environmentally minded individual, but in the last few years I've really been honing in on exactly what that means. Sure, I can say that I recycle and try to keep a sustainable diet, but that just isn't good enough anymore - I realized that I needed to become involved on a higher level, and that's where SHSB comes in!

While I love sunbathing and boogie boarding as much as the next gal (which is to say, a lot!), that's not why I chose to work with an organization dedicated to the ocean specifically; it'll sound a bit corny, but the reason I feel so strongly that preserving and protecting the oceans is because, to me, the ocean is the great elemental force driving our planet. Shore to shore, the oceans belong to everyone and no one (which is of course metaphorical, because as a policy major I can tell you that that is super not true, but anyway...) For me, the ocean is the ultimate reminder that we are all connected. And so, it's in the interest of this connection, of preserving the health of the planet we all call home, that I am so honored to join up with SHSB.

I've lived just outside Boston all my life, and in a city with such fierce civic pride, the harbor truly is the beating heart of the city. From walks along the North End (on the way to Mike's Pastry, obviously) to the fresh seafood at any of Boston's many fine restaurants, there are opportunities to appreciate the ocean here every day. It is my hope, that by working with SHSB, I can use my skills to help bring this sense of appreciation to the public that they serve!