Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pop-In to Save the Harbor's Boston Harbor Pop-Up Near North Station

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is pleased to announce the opening of its new interactive Boston Harbor Pop-Up Museum at 226 Causeway Street across from North Station in Boston.

All the joys of Boston Harbor... in the North End! (Left to right) SHSB staff and interns- Emily Bozadjian, Tanika Tucker, Anil Gurcan, Chris Mancini, Jules Stuber, Kate Oetheimer, and Amy Gaylord.
At the Boston Harbor Pop-Up, kids of all ages can explore the harbor, create designs in the sand, and color murals featuring Boston’s sports teams and images from Boston Harbor. They can also learn and share stories and songs of the sea from Boston’s nautical past, and even pose for a picture with a big striped bass with Boston Harbor in the background.

SHSB staff and interns enjoying the scenic harborside at the Pop Up. Selfie with a striped bass, anyone? (Left to right) Jules Stuber, Kate Oetheimer, Chris Mancini, Amy Gaylord, Anil Gurcan, Emily Bozadjian, and Tanika Tucker.
“Last year Save the Harbor ’shared the harbor’ with more than 30,000 kids from more than 100 organizations from 40 communities on the region’s public beaches and in the Boston Harbor Islands,” said Bruce Berman, Director of Strategy and Communications for Save the Harbor who curated the exhibition. “This Boston Harbor Pop-Up brings the beach and the islands into the heart of the city, for everyone to enjoy.”

The interactive exhibits include works by Save the Harbor’s Artists in Residence Olga Karayakina and Guillermo Erice as well as intertidal artist Andres Amador. It also includes fish prints, photographs, videos and other works created by Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s Youth Environmental Education program staff.

The Pop Up will be decorated with artwork from Olga Karayakina, Guillermo Erice, Andres Amador, SHSB staff... and YOU! (Left to right)- Anil Gurcan, Amy Gaylord, Jules Stuber, Tanika Tucker, Kate Oetheimer, Chris Mancini, and Emily Bozadjian.

“It’s a great place for kids of all ages to explore Boston Harbor” said Save the Harbor’s President Patty Foley. “We would like to thank our partners at Invesco Real Estate, C.B. Richard Ellis – New England, and Colliers International for their creativity, energy and enthusiastic support.”

Making the harbor accessible for everyone to enjoy! (Left to right) Amy Gaylord, Chris Mancini, Anil Gurcan, Jules Stuber, Tanika Tucker, Kate Oetheimer, Emily Bozadjian.

“Save the Harbor does tremendous work to educate children and adults about the positive impact that a clean harbor has for residents and businesses in the greater Boston area.  We are delighted that our property, 226 Causeway is the first location to host this exhibit to promote their important work” said John Kiernan, Director – Asset Management at Invesco Real Estate, a global real estate investment manager.

Our friends from CBRE New England enjoying a day at the harbor! (Left to right) Chris Mancini, Lucia Caradonio, Kayla Hammersley, Tanika Tucker, and Kara Modliszewski.

The Boston Harbor Pop-Up is open Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 4PM and on Sunday from 12PM to 4PM. It is located at 226 Causeway Street in Boston, just across from North Station.

Express your artistic creativity, enjoy the wonders of the harborside, and don't forget to take a selfie with the giant striped bass before you leave!

For more information about Save the Harbor/Save the Bay or the Boston Harbor Pop-Up, call 617-451-2860 or email info@savetheharbor.org

Unable, Unwilling, or Simply "Too Smart to Splash" on March 11th?

Though the water temperature in Boston Harbor is already a balmy 40 degrees, we have recently discovered that there are some people who would really rather not join us for a quick dip in Boston Harbor at the Harpoon Shamrock Splash on March 11th.

If you are unable, unwilling, or simply "too smart to splash" yourself this year
, we hope that you will take a minute to make a contribution today at https://tinyurl.com/teamsavetheharbor to support Save the Harbor/Save the Bay's team as we splash to raise funds for free beach events and youth programs in 2018.

To sweeten the deal, anyone who makes a contribution of any amount to our team or any other participant will have a chance to win round trip flights from our partners at JetBlue!

We know that your heart will be with us as we hit the water. We hope that we can count on you to make a small contribution today at https://tinyurl.com/teamsavetheharbor to help make 2018 another great year on our region's public beaches, and thanks for your support!

Though you will be warm and dry while we are wet and cold, we know you love your beach and that you support the work we do to restore, protect and share Boston Harbor with all Bostonians and the region's residents from Nahant to Nantasket.

Thanks for your support!
Team Save the Harbor

P.S. If you can't (or won't) splash but want to join us on the beach for a refreshing Harpoon beer and a great beach party, you can register as a chicken at http://shamrocksplash.org/CompleteRegistration.asp

Register or donate today at www.shamrocksplash.org

For more information about Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, visit our website at www.savetheharbor.org

For more information about the Harpoon Shamrock Splash, check out this post on our blog, Sea, Sand & Sky or follow savetheharbor on Facebook, Instagram and twitter #harpoonshamrocksplash

February Break with Boston Harbor Explorers at Atlantic Wharf

On Thursday, February 22, Atlantic Wharf and Boston Properties hosted Save the Harbor/Save the Bay's Boston Harbor Explorers' program for February Vacation Week Programming. Save the Harbor staff, youth and interns were joined by 30 kids from South Boston Neighborhood House for a morning of sea chanteys, art projects, stories, and of course an up close encounter with Louise the Lobster at the touch tank!

Tony the Pirate telling the South Boston Neighborhood House kids the story of "Little Eyes" the magic crab.
The day began with Tony the Pirate detailing the origins of crabs, jaguars, and vultures and teaching the kids how to sign different animals in sign language. After Tony's stories, the kids learned and sang the official Save the Harbor sea chantey, "Haul Away Joe", a reminder that that when we all pull in the same direction we can get almost anything done, whether its raising the sail of a tall ship or cleaning up Boston Harbor!
An enthusiastic rendition of Haul Away Joe
Once the kids were inspired and excited from singing together, they broke off into groups to learn more about the harborside. Each group took turns at different Boston Harbor- themed stations. The first station was fish printing, where the South Boston Neighborhood kids channeled their inner artist by making gyotaku fish prints with scup and mackerel.

Artists in the making
At the touch tank, kids had a chance to meet Louise the Lobster and a Bert the Rock Crab. The kids were delighted to learn about crabs' regenerative limbs and how to determine if a lobster is a female or a male. The kids also learned about the anatomy of the crustaceans, their diet, and their role in the ecosystem of Boston Harbor.
Lobsters, crabs, and humans-- oh my!
They even got to draw themselves as pirates, inspired by Tony's tales and Save the Harbor's "All Hands On Deck" broadsheet, which tells the stories of diverse young mariners and seafaring women.

The masterpieces-- these kids make for some scary pirates!

Looks like Tony's been overthrown...
And of course the day wouldn't be complete without the delicious lunch from Boloco, courtesy of Atlantic Wharf!

A successful day with South Boston Neighborhood House at Atlantic Wharf.

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is grateful for our amazing partners at Atlantic Wharf for continuing our great tradition of excellent vacation and summer programming at their outstanding location on the Fort Point Channel.

Thanks also to James Hook & Co. for lending us Louise and Bert for the morning!

For more information on our Youth Programs and other similar events, visit savetheharbor.org and check out our blog - blog.savetheharbor.org.

Friday, February 23, 2018

A touch of summer

Welcome, to the grand opening of the Boston Harbor Pop-Up Museum!!!

   Meeting up with old friends to work on this museum has been the true highlight of my year. It made me realize how much I miss Save the Harbor. It was definitely an experience considering it was my first time fish printing! So what do I think of it you ask? Well, other than the smell it’s really cool to put ink on a fish and press the paper on it to see the details of the fish's scales. We used mackerel and a flounder. My favorite was the mackerel. Qualid and I decorated the poles with dozens of fish prints. 
   We then moved on to the mini sand raking which by the way had these beautiful designs. We used tiny rakes and tools to make designs in the sand boxes just like we did over the summer.

It was so fun to help get this space ready for visitors!

   Today I helped few members of the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay staff helped decorate this new public space for visitors like you to attend. Fish printing, painting, mini sand raking and much more was talking place. We enjoyed the gallery walk of some pictures taken during the summer. Come out and enjoy !

Jennifer Rosa 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

New Intern – Emily Hammett

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Hammett and I am so excited to be the new operations intern for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I am currently finishing up my senior year at Boston University as a Health Science major focusing on environmental and public health.

Growing up on Martha’s Vineyard had a huge influence on my interest in the ocean. Moving to Boston only further expanded this interest in harbors and beaches to those in Massachusetts and all around the world. For the past 21 years, I have spent all of my summers on and around the water; from working as a lifeguard for public and private beaches and as a dock hand for the Oak Bluffs Marina, to just leisurely boating, fishing, swimming, and enjoying the great outdoors. My background living and working on the water, and my eagerness to learn more is what led me to finding Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.

I am so glad to have the opportunity to learn more about nonprofits as they contribute to the improvement of our environment here in Boston. As I begin my internship here, I’m hoping to apply my knowledge about community health and wellness in a way that will enhance the health of the residents of Boston and the city as a whole.