Monday, April 15, 2013

Hey what’s up? This is Leon and I’m an intern for Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay. Let’s take a flash back. The year is 2011 and at the time I was a junior at Fenway high school. At 17 years of age, I have never been employed and as life started to pitch its many curveballs; that was something that had to change. I mean, growing up is much more satisfying when you make your own money right? All I could think about was finding a job to make money, which in turn would make things easier. This being my theory, I did not know what to expect and I did not expect for anyone to hire me. I was presented with an opportunity to interview for Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay and with my mind focused solely on the money I could not turn it down. Aimlessly wondering into an interview for an organization that I've never knew existed and I didn't know anything about it. I couldn't even begin to tell you about the Boston Harbor besides that’s where the Boston tea party took place. That being said, I was still hired for the position of a junior marine educator. As a JME it was my job to work with a senior marine educator at several sites around the city. Some of these sites include Piers Park in East Boston, The McDonough sailing center in South Boston and the courageous sailing center in Charlestown. At the sites we try our best to connect children and families to the Boston Harbor while having fun doing so. We host and sponsor many free events on our beaches so everyone can have a chance to enjoy the Harbor. We fish, set up crab and lobster traps and we give the children a chance to do the same. If I can see a person go from disgusted by a spider crab to fascinated, then I’m doing a good job! We even have a program called All Access Boston Harbor, led by David Coffin, we take different groups of children from many camps and programs to either Spectacle or Georges Island for a day full of fun filled activities! The average day working on Spectacle includes flying kites up the Drummond or searching for sea glass down on the beach. Make sure to pack swimming trunks because David Coffin could care less, trust me!! Having the opportunity to work for such an organization is an honor and take my word when I say, thinking it’s just for the money is temporary. The minute you make a child or their counciler smile, you will realize. Do your best to represent SHSB in the most positive manner. You’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors, it will be hot but dress appropriately (no Yankee gear unless you can and are willing to defend it). Remember, it is your job to make someone’s day so a positive attitude is always required. Smile even if it hurts, some of the children may look up to you. Be on time and ready for work, punctuality is key. Communication is of upmost importance. Even though it may be uncomfortable, the people around you are here to help. Most of all enjoy the summer and brace yourselves for the bombardment of smiles you will be receiving.                              

Monday, April 8, 2013

From Good Towards Great


The Metropolitan Beaches Commission (MBC) has reconvened to assess the state of the region’s public beaches and is holding its first public hearing on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 1:00 P.M. at the Massachusetts State House, Room 437. The Commission, originally established in 2006 by the Massachusetts Legislature, will examine the impacts of the reforms and recommendations made in its first report and make recommendations for further improvement under the leadership of co-chairs State Senator Tom McGee and State Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein.

Commissioner Ed Lambert of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) will testify at the first public hearing about DCR’s mission and vision for the beaches. The commission will also hear from representatives of beach friends groups from Quincy, South Boston and Revere, as well as a panel of experts on water quality. There will be a second public hearing in May 2013, followed by a hearing in each of the nine communities from Nahant to Hull beginning in June 2013.

“These public hearings will give the region’s residents an opportunity to share their ideas about how to improve our region’s public beaches, and give the Commission the chance to assess where we are today and where we hope to go in the future” said Commission Co-Chair Senator Tom McGee. “Working together, I am confident that we can protect what we have accomplished since 2007 and help move these beaches from good towards great.”

The Commission was created in 2006 to take an in-depth look at the Commonwealth’s public beaches managed by the DCR. This year the Commission will issue additional findings and recommendations to better leverage these resources for all the residents of the regions’ coastal communities in the future. As in 2006, the Commission will hold nine public hearings in the towns of Nahant, Lynn, Revere, Winthrop, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, Quincy, and Hull. The hearings and report will further identify and showcase economic development opportunities for local communities made possible by public investment in clean water, better beaches and our waterfront neighborhoods and beachfront communities..

“We’ve made great strides on these beaches for all the region’s families,” said Commission Co-Chair Representative Reinstein. “They have truly benefited from public and private sector investments in our beaches and it’s important that we don’t lose the progress we have made.”

The Metropolitan Beaches Commission is comprised of elected officials and community, civic, nonprofit, and business leaders from across the region. The 2013 MBC Commissioners are:
Co-Chair Thomas McGee, State Senator, Third Essex
Co-Chair Kathi-Ann Reinstein, State Representative, Sixteenth Suffolk
Carlo Basile, State Representative, First Suffolk
Kip Becker, Boston University
Barbara Bishop, Speaker DeLeo’s Office
Garrett Bradley, State Representative, Third Plymouth
Nick Collins, State Representative, Fourth Plymouth
Mark Cullinan, Nahant Resident
Paul Grogan, The Boston Foundation
Douglas Gutro, Quincy City Council
Carol Haney, Revere Resident
Robert Hedlund, State Senator, Plymouth and Norfolk
Bradford Hill, State Representative, Fourth Essex
John Keenan, State Senator, Norfolk and Plymouth
Manny Lopes, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
Chris Marchi, East Boston Community Advocate
Joan Meschino, Hull Resident
Paul Nutting, Savin Hill Shores
Daniel O’Connell, Massachusetts Competitive Partnership
Samantha Overton, Department of Conservation and Recreation
Anthony Petruccelli, State Senator, First Suffolk and Middlesex
Robert Tucker, Friends of Lynn and Nahant Beach

“The Commission has made a big difference on these beaches, which belong to all of us,” said Patty Foley, president of Save the Harbor / Save the Bay, which will once again help to lead and manage the inquiry. “The findings and recommendations the MBC made in 2007 have served as a blueprint for improved management of beaches and parks across the Commonwealth. These hearings are a great way for people who love their beach to get involved.”
If you are interested in being informed of the hearing date in your community, please send an email to For more information about the MBC or Monday’s hearing please contact Rick Stockwood at 617-953-0178 or Bruce Berman at 617-293-6243.

About the Metropolitan Beaches Commission
The Metropolitan Beaches Commission was created in 2006 by the Massachusetts Legislature to take an in-depth look at the metropolitan region’s public beaches in Nahant, Lynn, Revere, Winthrop, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, Quincy and Hull that are managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation. You can download a copy of their 2007 report “Beaches We Can Be Proud Of” at
The Commission has reconvened in 2013 to examine the impacts of the reforms and recommendations made in its first report and issue additional findings and recommendations to better leverage these resources for residents in the future. The MBC is comprised of elected officials and community, civic, nonprofit, and business leaders from Boston and the metropolitan region’s waterfront neighborhoods and beachfront communities. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @MetroBeaches.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 Destination Boston Harbor

Happy April, everyone!

Last Thursday night I have had the honor in participating in my very first Destination Boston Harbor Event :)

It was such an awesome experience, and I loved interacting with our Save the Harbor Save the Bay family and friends :) I would like to thank you guys who read our blog post, who come out on our All Access Trips, partake in our summer activities, and who support us financially. We are all one team made of thousands.

Let's continue to work together and keep our Harbor clean!

All the best,

Karrisha M. Gillespie