Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Events and Programs Assistant - Hannah Bernstein


My name is Hannah Bernstein and I am joining the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay team as an Events and Programs Assistant. I’m excited to be involved in such a great organization working on important issues!
Hannah canoeing in the Boundary Waters, a wilderness reserve in northern Minnesota.
I’m a senior at Northeastern University, where I’m studying journalism and environmental science. Although that may sound like an unusual combination, it actually just means that I’ve been studying the way we communicate and educate others about science. I’m really passionate about nonprofit environmental work and finding new strategies to increase impact through communication, event planning, community outreach and more. 
I’m originally from Minnesota, but unfortunately, my four years in Boston have really toned down my Midwestern accent. Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, and we’re very far from the ocean, so moving to Boston was an eye-opening experience for me (and the first time I ever swam in the Atlantic!) I like spending as much time as possible outdoors and I’ve enjoyed exploring the harbor and beaches since moving here. I love Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s mission to keep our natural ecosystems healthy and break down barriers to access for everyone in Boston and beyond. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience our natural areas and I’m so excited to join an organization dedicated to that mission.


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Annual Youth And Beach Program Reports

Here is just some of the work that Save the Harbor/Save the Bay does each year to share Boston Harbor, the harbor islands, and our region's public beaches with the region's kids and families

You can find out more at www.savetheharbor.orgJoin us on Facebook at and follow us on twitter @savetheharbor

We are happy to share both our Youth Program Report and Better Beaches Report for 2019.

 Our youth environmental education programs are an important part of helping us connect families and communities to the Boston Harbor and the harbor islands.

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay works with the Department of Conservation and Recreation on the Better Beaches Program. This program allows free events and activities to take place at our region's beaches.