Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Out of Office" Work

As an intern with SHSB since January, I haven’t had a whole lot of out-of-the-office work given the winter we’ve had here in Boston. In fact, today was my first venture out of SHSB’s office, right into the chaotic throngs of children on February vacation in one of the most popular places for kids in the city – the Boston Children’s Museum. But first, we had to stop by the James Hook and Company’s building to borrow two lobsters, two clams, and an oyster for the day. Then it was off to the museum where for two hours we used the lobsters to entertain scores of eager and energetic kids. We also taught them about the basic anatomy and adaptations of the sea creatures.

While many of the young vacationers were eager to pick up and hold the animals and pose for photographs, there were quite a few who preferred to lightly touch a lobster’s tail or hold an oyster, while there were even still a few who were completely shocked by the sight of a real live lobster. The questions were plentiful: “Are they real?” “Will it hurt if I pick it up?” “Is it friendly?” “Where did it come from?” And the observations and comments were noteworthy too: “I’m holding a lobster! I’m holding a lobster!” “This lobster doesn’t scare me because he’s friendly!” “Dude! There’s no way I’m touching that thing!”
After a couple hours, when the crowds had dissipated, we packed up the lobsters, clams, and oyster, and said goodbye. While my time here as an intern will end before the summer education programs begin, I appreciated having the opportunity to see SHSB in action spreading knowledge and appreciation of sea creatures and helping kids receive the most out of their vacation from school

John Gioia
Policy Intern
Save the Harbor / Save the Bay

Diving Right In

What an exciting Thursday! I had a lot of new experiences today, first getting to experience a small aspect of SHSB’s many youth programs. Although the majority of the youth programs occur during the summer, today we got the chance to share two of our lobster friends with the Boston Children’s Museum. The museum was bustling with kids enjoying the exciting exhibits during their school vacation and our lobsters were no exception to their curiosity.

They all gathered around in awe of the sea creatures we had to share, asking a variety of questions like what they eat, if they bite, how to tell if it is a boy or a girl. All questions that I would soon learn the answers to, as this was also my first up close and personal experience with a lobster. Despite my inexperience with these creatures, I found myself jumping right in to the action answering questions and showing the children how to hold them. It was great to see the other side of SHSB, and I was so happy to see the enthusiasm that these children had for the ocean’s creatures that SHSB works so hard to protect.

Courtney Hickey
Communications and Events Intern
Save the Harbor / Save the Bay

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cupid Splash Postponed!

Hello everyone!

We've been having some crazy weather in Boston-- and over at Save the Harbor, this meant a big change for our Cupid Splash. With several feet of crusty snow and ice on all our region's public beaches, another round of snow on the way, surface water temperature of just 33 degrees, and a hard freeze forecast for later this week we have decided to POSTPONE the Cupid Splash and the Harpoon Warm-Up Parties until Saturday, April 2.

I know just how much you were all looking forward to donning your Cupid costumes, dashing across your beach, splashing into the icy Atlantic, enjoying some hot Summer Shack chowder and a refreshing Harpoon beer - all to help Save the Harbor / Save the Bay kick-off our 25th Anniversary.

However, with so much ice and snow still on the beach, we are concerned about the safety of the participants and spectators. Though we know you are a tough bunch, we are confident that the event will be just as much fun a little later in the year when the weather should be a bit warmer - though I hear the water's going to be just as cold!

Despite the postponement, the 1st Annual Cupid Splash has already been a terrific success so far. We have nearly 150 registered participants who have raised more than $13,000 to support Save the Harbor and free events and programs on our beaches during 2011. Thanks to all the participants for your enthusiasm, hard work, and support so far. And donors, don't think we're letting your swimmers off the hook!

We are going to keep registration website open and continue the contests for best Cupid costume, biggest fundraiser and best beach turnout until April 2. We hope you will continue to help us recruit more participants and raise additional funds to support this great cause.

All of us at Save the Harbor / Save the Bay are looking forward to seeing you at the rescheduled Cupid Splash on Saturday, April 2.

Thanks again,