Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Adventures Continue!

Hello again, readers! Welcome to week three!

Fishing on Spectacle!
We have had an adventurous week, yet again! Monday, I attended our first Share the Harbor cruise to Georges Island. Our Share the Harbor cruises are free boat rides that we provide to the general public to either Georges or Spectacle Island. It's a great way to allow local Bostonians an opportunity to get out on the water and visit one of Boston's islands. With a couple pirates on board, we set off to Georges with a group of about three hundred or so visitors! It was great to see so many families, some even just visiting the area, come explore Fort Warren with us. JPAs had a blast fishing and playing sports with the kiddos, and the weather was great.

Tuesday, the AABH team was extremely excited to start our first trip to Spectacle Island; however, the trip was canceled last minute due to the pending storm and flash floods... Instead, we spent the morning fishing, chalking, and coloring with a group of kids, who unfortunately hadn't gotten the memo that the Spectacle trip was canceled. As we fished next to the Blue Hills Pavilion, a kid caught an eel! We were thrilled!! Unfortunately, it escaped, but we were all so excited to catch our first non-crab animal this summer! On All Access, we rarely catch anything but crabs, so this was big news for us!
Wednesday and Thursday, we finally made it to Spectacle Island. Both days were gorgeous, and we were able to fish and play sports with large groups of kids. On Thursday, we had one of our largest groups yet--close to 630 people! Spectacle is great because you can swim along the beach, whereas Georges doesn't allow swimming. Both days, we would wrap up the trip by dunking into the chilly water before boarding the P-Town II back to Boston. Unfortunately, on Thursday, our crab trap got caught in the pier, so we had to leave it there over the weekend. Hopefully, we can retrieve it on Monday!

Imani showing a camper a green crab!
Friday, we headed over to Atlantic Wharf--right next to the Children's Museum, where we held a series of activities for a couple groups of kids: fishing, pirate storytelling, exploring a touch tank, and fish printing. Right next door, Deonte's group at Children's caught a striped bass, so we borrowed it for our touch tank--which was pretty neat! The kids were amazed at the bass, crabs, and moon jelly that we had caught. Finally, we ended the day with burritos from Boloco!

All in all, it was a great week! I'm hoping that the weather next week remains sunny and cool.

See you next week!

Kaya Mark

Share The Harbor and Swim the Harbor

Why hello everybody!

I started my week out at George's Island for our Share The Harbor event, where we take families out to the island for free and they get to enjoy the day as if they were on an AABH trip! It's always adventurous making the trip out with hundreds of families because there is such a wide variety of interests. Most of the older kids want to go explore the dark tunnel while many of the younger kids want to fish or play sports with us. I happened to be fishing this day and I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.
The fog was so thick you couldn't see the water!
It was a foggy day out on the water that day. We had a boatload of families sign up for fishing on this day and most of our aspiring fishermen were younger kids. This means the excitement level and screams of joy were very high pitched. Now when I tell you that we were catching crabs galore, I mean every time I turned around some was reeling up another green crab. One woman consecutively reeled up two about four times! My favorite little friend was fearless and only 4 years old! Normally, when the kids first see the crabs they shy away until we hold their claws down. This little pirate was running from rod to rod each time a crab was pulled up, reaching take the crabs off himself.

My brave little friend
On Friday, I had the privilege of working at Atlantic Wharf. I always love working with the kids here because they're not allowed as many field trips as the camps we normally see on All Access. So, getting to fish print, crab, and fish is all that more special to them. At the fish printing station, everyone squealed when we told them that the flounder was actually real. All of the kids were struck with awe after seeing the foot-long, striped bass that the crew at the Children's Museum had caught. Each one wanted to shove their hand into the tank in hopes of feeling the fish's scales.

Holding up a female green crab for everyone to see
 Fishing was even more exciting for everyone. It's funny fishing with the kids who are really young, because although you tell them to wait until they feel a tug, they do just the opposite. One little girl named Malia was a very enthusiastic fisher. The minute her weight hit the water, she'd reel the line right back up. She was having a grand old time, but had absolutely no patience to actually catch a fish. I tried to encourage her to wait a little longer each time, but "a little longer" to her meant all of 5 more seconds. Even though the kids didn't catch a striped bass, they still had an amazing time, which is all I wanted.

Helping some boys untangle their line

Catch you next time,

The exciting second week!

Kamal Taylor

The second week of Save the harbor was pretty fun just like the first. I experienced new things, met new people and done things that I haven't really done before. I was sent to All access during the second week. We were at Georges Island for the entire week and I was excited. It might've been hot, but there is a lot of fun things to do. I was hoping I would have a better time this week than the first week.

A Picture of the open sea I took on the Provincetown 2
On Monday and Tuesday, just like the last week, we were at Georges and we had basically done the same things. Some of the staff goes fishing, some go to sports, and some go on tours. I was at tours on Monday with Esther and Sports on Tuesday with Dexter. The tours were nice. We just explored the island and absorbed the environment that's all around us. Tuesday was fun as well. We had played kickball and that can get competitive. It was Dexter's team vs My Team. I don't remember Dexter's team name, but our team was named Team Explosions. They had won the first game, in which I swore they cheated and then we won the second game fair and square. I had a lot of fun on that day and we even go to go through the dark tunnel which I had a lot of fun helping David scare some of the kids in the tunnel.

Wednesday was also pretty much the same. Only this time I had to go fishing for the first time at All Access. It was kind of overwhelming because so many kids had wanted to fish and they had seemed so excited for it. When we were there a lot of kids walked up to us even though they had to eat their lunch first. That set the mood already for the rest of the day. After lunch, a lot of kids had come up to us to fish and see the crabs. However, one of the crab traps were stuck underwater so we couldn't get it. We had needed help with that. The kids had ended up fishing though and even caught a few crabs on the fishing and on the other crab trap. The fishing rods were giving some trouble sometimes, but we managed to push through it. In order to get the other crab trap though, me and (mainly) Patrice had gone down to the ladder and pulled the crab trap that was stuck on the dock. It was thrilling!

Thursday was the same as the rest. I was doing tours again and I had shown kids around the island. Basically the same as before but still entertaining and Friday we had MLK. It was pretty fun, but it was only the introduction to MLK so there wasn't much to mention. Overall, this week was fun, hectic, and excited. I hope to do more fun things like this in the future!

I hope everyone has a great summer!

Visiting Piers Park

  This week I said goodbye to Children's Museum and was able to visit a new site called Piers Park! I wasn't sure what to expect when I got there but I was really excited to get to see a new place! The park itself is beautiful and the view of the city is amazing! Once all of the camp kids got there it reminded me of my days as a camp counselor and I jumped right in. I loved how excited all of the campers were to fish with us down at the dock as I was also excited to hopefully catch some fish or a lobster at this new site!
Colin and Stanley helping kids fish!

   We were able to visit some new friends at courageous sailing this week as well where we played Boston Harbor charades and spent some time on the dock fishing! Our time with this group was cut short due to a thunderstorm but it was fun because all of the kids were really into fishing and got really competitive when acting out animals and activities found in the harbor!

   After the thunderstorms had passed we found an interesting friend in the harbor: a starfish! I have never seen one in the wild so I was excited to be able to interact with this one! All of the kids thought it was a really cool animal and loved watching it walk across the bottom of the touch tank. Some of them were brave enough to hold the starfish and feel it's tube feet walk across their hands! We were also able to catch a stone crab which was the first one we have caught!
The amazing starfish we found in the harbor!

  On Thursday we were able to visit with our friends at Community Boating. We discussed multiple environmental topics including eutrophication, what emissions are, and how we are able to reduce our environmental footprint. While the kids were interested in learning about this they also really wanted to fish so we ended our day at the dock trying to catch some sunfish!

Kayaking with my new friend (:
  While this week was truly amazing, the highlight was being able to take a girl named Abby kayaking. It was the end of the week so she did not want to fish anymore but wanted to go out onto the sail boat. She was scared of the boat capsizing however so she did not go out on it. She was sitting in an area alone and looked upset so I asked if she'd like to go kayaking with me. She was hesitant at first because the kayak was lower to the water than the sail boat but I finally convinced her to go and she ended up loving it! She loved it so much that she gave going on the sail boat in the afternoon a chance and loved that too! It was a great end to an awesome week! I hope to be back at Piers Park soon!

See you next time for more fun on the docks!


Week 2 Jasseim's Adventurers

Helping one of the girls from the YMCA fish
  So this week I was back at the Children's Museum. Working with the same people for the past two weeks at Children's Museum has brought us closer as a group. I am able to crack jokes with fellow JPA's Albert and Carrie and our SHE Erin. This week we had a very enthusiastic group of girls from the YMCA come by. They were gathered around one of the crab traps excited to see what was at the end of the long rope.  We pulled it up and there were no crabs but they were excited to hold the squid bait (which I don't think they knew was no longer alive). After that they went to enjoy a dance class but came running back immediately for a chance to go fishing with our rods. Several of the girls caught green crabs and were excited to see them in the touch tank. If we had not have been going to lunch I doubt they would have ever left!

   Towards the end of the week we managed to catch two baby flounder which resulted in a heated debate between Erin and I about whether or not flounder are the ugliest fish around. I will FOREVER believe that flounder are the ugliest fish I have ever seen. I've never been more sure about anything else in my life. But Erin insists they are cute so this debate may go on for a long while!

  This week we also manged to catch two more spider crabs although they were smaller than the one we caught the first week of fishing outside of the Children's Museum. Overall it was a really exciting week and I look forward to more children museum adventures!

One of the baby flounder we caught! 
See you next time!


Thursday, July 19, 2018

A start to a exciting Adventure!-JC

July 1,

It's supposedly really hot outside today, I wouldn't know. I haven't gone outside, I've been basking leisurely in my air conditioned room, binge watching crime documentaries and action movies. Of course this blog post is supposed to be about me as a person and not some activity log, so lets just cover the important stuff shall we?

  • Born in the United States,  July 2000
  • Got into a car accident when I was 8
  • Attended Academy of the Pacific Rim
  • Attending Umass Lowell in Fall
  • Moved around until my first year of high-school
  • I traveled every summer in high-school
  • I've been to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, China, and Germany
  • I'm part of an organization called Summer Search
  • I once spent 30 days in the wilderness and LOVED it
  • I'm half Puerto Rican and Dominican 
This summer I am looking forward to meeting so many amazing people, while educating kids on the harbor. I'm looking forward to all the boat rides and being so near the water. If orientation is the least bit like the actual job I know I’ll have a great time. Learning to fish was so exciting, and the pirate stories were especially invigorating, really making orientation a memorable experience. I guess I am also kinda nervous about a few things. Like whether or not i'll fit in with the other kids or if I'll be able to make enough friends. Super worried about remembering names, that's never been my strong suite. Despite all this I'm still confident that I will have a great time!

Fun in the Sun at Piers Park

Hi everyone,
     My first week at Piers Park and Courageous Sailing Center was great! This is my first year at Piers park so I was a little nervous but I came in with my head up high and started talking to the kids as soon as we played the Chief & Tribal game.  Later on that day we went on the dock and started fishing and the sea smelled amazing for some reason. I never really thought to use my senses especially at work but i’m glad it’s something i was more aware of. My friends Kharliyah, Westley and Ismael were fishing where we just talked about why they chose this program and they said they felt at home.

     I also went on kayaking with Kharliyah and Westley and it was hilarious! Kharliyah and I would sing the sea chanties and Westley would turn around and go, “you guys are crazy!  Why are you guys so crazy?” It was nice to see that someone was enjoying our vibrant presence and I felt at home as usual. It was awesome to see that I started growing a bond with Stanley, Jordon, Michael and Meaghan. I never saw myself getting so close as quickly as one week but I cannot wait to see what the summer has in store for us.

     Also, the Piers Park Activities Coordinator, Mella, had
 the kids do a recycling activity, a multiple choice game on what is good to recycle and why it benefits our society. The kids answers shocked me they were just so intelligent. I felt they could take care of the world one step at a time.

fun on the dock with my buddies.
    I can’t wait to see what I can achieve this summer. The children here at Piers Park and Courageous Sailing always make my day. Hopefully I can create a lifetime bond with the children. I hope that as I continue my journey with Save the Harbor it will help develop my character and viewing others positively. Always thankful for this opportunity.

See y’all later,
Nieomi Colon

Week 2: Location Change Increases SHSB Appreciation

I started out my second week with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay at Blacks Creek, my intended site for the week. On a given day, I never really know what to expect for the day, regardless of location. We started out the day with exploring the harbor, as we normally do. While exploring, however, we saw a large, round object. It seemed to be moving closer and closer to the shoreline. At first, some of my coworkers thought it was a rock or trash that was being pushed to the shoreline. After closer examination, we realized it was a horseshoe crab! At this point I had very little experience with horseshoe crabs. Going to college in Florida means I am exposed to horseshoe crabs from time to time, but I often see them walking along the ocean floor when I am on a kayak or paddle board and several feet above them. I have never actually had the opportunity to hold one or look at one up close. We picked it up with two nets and held it upside down on its back while we examined it. The kids were shocked and excited, as were most of the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay staff. It was such a surprise! This was the highlight of my week while at Blacks Creek.

As I was hanging out with my dog after an exciting Monday at Blacks Creek, I got a message that I would be moving sites from Blacks Creek to the Boston Children's Museum for the rest of the week. I really had no idea what to expect, as I had not worked at the Children's Museum before. The children's museum is quite different from Blacks Creek. Blacks Creek has set program times where kids sign up in advance. They explore the shoreline, help pull up the crab trap, and play GaGa ball. At the Children's Museum, the kids come with their adult as they like. Some stop by our spot while waiting to get into the museum, others spot the crabs in our touch tank during their walk along the Channel and want to get a closer look. Generally, I like this style of programming because the kids who come by and hang out with us for a bit have a genuine interest in fishing and learning about the creatures in our touch tank.

There were two main things that I would consider the highlights of my time this week at the Boston Children's Museum. The first is a visitation from the Learning Center for the Deaf. One day there were a group of kids eating their lunches outside of the museum. I noticed none of them were verbally talking, but they were using American Sign Language. I also noticed their immediate interest and excitement when they saw our touch tank and crabs. One by one they started to come over with their chaperons to see our crabs. Some of them were also interested in fishing. We had at least 10-15 kids with us at one point, either fishing or touching/holding our crabs. While it was more of a challenge to talk with them about how to properly fish or the reason why some crabs only had 3 legs and 1 claw, we were able to do so with the help of their chaperons. There is nothing like seeing the pure excitement and interest in a kid's face when they are fishing or touching/holding a crab.

The second highlight of my week at the Boston Children's Museum was when a 7 year old girl caught her first crab. She came up to us, asking if she could fish. I always like to ask kids if they have fished before and what they know about fishing before we start. She said she had gone fishing once or twice before but never caught anything. This girl caught three crabs in her time with us! She would have caught five, but two of them let go of the bait while she was reeling up the line. She was so excited, and even stayed most of the morning and came back for our 2pm-4pm session. We even had to tell her we had to start packing things up soon because she was so content and excited to be fishing. I look forward to more time at the museum and hopefully more time at the other sites.

Sea you next time,
Ellen :)

First Fish at Piers Park!

The summer activities are in full swing at Piers Park Sailing Center, Courageous Sailing Center, and Community Boating.
The usual programming occurred on Thursday morning, collecting the usual assortment of crabs off of the floating dock at Piers Park. After the morning session, we headed to a new location for the afternoon. We found ourselves at Community Boating on the Charles River. This was a change of scenery compared to the other locations we had visited for it was located in freshwater. Because the Charles River empties into Boston Harbor, it is important that we also maintain its health to ensure the health of the harbor. The midday heat deterred any efforts to catch fish, however we were still able to observe some of the other organisms that call the Charles River home, such as a group of mallard ducks.
Conducting the egg drop test
With Friday came the rain, but that did not stop us from having fun at Piers Park. We spent a short time on the docks and then headed up to the tent for shelter and more controlled activities. The theme of these activities was salt. Some of the questions that were answered were “How much salt is in ocean water?” “ How does salt affect the way objects float?” “And, if salt content in water could be determined through taste?” The harbor explorers sampled water from several cups of water with varying salinities and were able to rank them based on the taste. We used refractometers to test the salinity of the sea water, consisting of adding some drops of water to one end of the device and then looking through the other to read the chart. Next we did an egg drop test where three cups of water, one without salt, one with some salt, and one with a lot of salt were used. The kids placed an egg into each cup and observed the egg’s behavior. From these observations they were able to determine that the egg floated when there was a lot of salt, but sank when there was little or no salt. This brought about the discussion of density and how the addition of salt to the water made it denser, allowing the egg to float.
After a week without any fish caught, Monday brought some good luck. We baited the crab and minnow traps early with mussels from the dock and with hope lowered them to the bottom. Our first pull of the minnow trap didn’t produce anything, however the crab trap yielded two small cunner which garnered the excitement of the harbor explorers. The traps were placed back and lines were cast with high hopes of fish to be caught. Fishing
was slow and only one green crab was landed early in the day. The traps were checked again, this time a small but beautiful rock gunnel had found its way into the minnow trap. These fish allowed us to describe the behaviors of other organisms that inhabit the harbor
and how they interact by placing them in the touch tank for observation.  In the waning moments of the afternoon programming, one of the harbor explorers, with the help of Kiya, landed a spider crab of considerable size, topping off an already great day.
We are heading into the rest of the week off of the momentum of Monday, hoping to be able to share more knowledge about our harbor.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We caught Flounder Babies!

When I first got the the Children's Museum on Monday I was excited to see all of the families out and about waiting to get into the museum! The weather was much more kind to families this week so we had many more visitors than we had in the week prior.  On of these groups visited us from the YMCA and they were actually at the museum to participate in the dancing going on under the tent outside! I did not think they would come over to us at first because we had nothing in our touch tank yet but surprisingly every single one of them wanted to learn how to fish and actually wanted to spend more time fishing and less time dancing! One of the girls in the camp caught three green crabs on her fishing line which is the most any one person has caught yet!

The JPA's helping the YMCA group fish!
  Another one of these groups was from the Learning Center for the Deaf. The kids in this program were so excited to fish, many for their first time, as well as hold the crabs in the touch tank! The amazing chaperones the group had made it easier to communicate with the kids on how to properly use the fishing rod as well as explain what types of crabs were in the touch tank. The energy this group of kids had was amazing and put everyone in a better mood instantly!

   The highlight of my week however occurred on Thursday when we caught two baby flounder! I have never caught a flounder in general so I was super excited when we pulled up the crab traps and there they were! At first I thought they were just some algae from the bottom of the harbor that was stuck on the crab trap until I noticed the fish's gills move and realized the algae was actually a fish! Catching these baby flounder was such an experience and allowed some of the junior program assistants to gain more experience in talking to kids and their families about the fish and why their eyes are on the same side of their head.
The beautiful baby flounder we caught! 
  While Friday morning was slow the afternoon session was full of people! We had two brothers, Everett "like the mountain" and Nile "like the river", come visit our touch tank and fishing rods. They loved fishing and Everett especially loved bringing up our crab trap to check what was in it! While I am heading to a new site next week I hope to be back at the Children's Museum soon!

Catch you guys out on the docks! 


New Experiences

This week I got to do something I've never done before. On Wednesday I got to visit our site at Black's Creek and I loved it. The day started with some exploration of the water which led to some interesting discoveries. The most interesting one was a green crab which was molting! I had never felt a crab so soft. It was interesting to see the difference in the shells.
Exploring the creek one net at a time!
At first the kids were nervous to pick up the crabs and settled on using a net to pull them out. I made sure they knew that as long as they do it the right way, the crabs can't hurt them. I showed them how to pull a crab out of the bucket without getting pinched and assured them that even if they did get pinched they would not lose any fingers. Finally, I got them holding the crabs and they realized there was nothing to be afraid of! After they overcame their fears of the crabs we decided to do a crab race. Instead of the typical race from the starting line to the water we decided to mix it up a bit. We drew a circle in the sand and placed the crabs in the middle to see which was fastest to leave the ring.
Gaga ball game!
After we released the crabs back to their home we headed up to play gaga ball. I have never played gaga ball in my entire life. Basically, you stand in a fenced in circle and try to roll the ball into other people's legs. Getting to play the game with the kids was a lot of fun and I enjoyed learning to play.
In the afternoon my group and I moved on to the Curley Community Center where we got to teach a bunch of kids how to fish. They were lined up at the rods waiting for instructions as soon as they got out there. Though we didn't have much luck with catching fish we did get quite a few crabs! An impressive moment was when one of the kids reeled in two crabs on one line. After that all of his friends wanted his help fishing! It was great to see everybody so excited about fihsing.

See you at the creek!


Week 2 Already!

Hey Everybody!

I still can't believe that it's already week 2 at Save The Harbor! This week was pretty fun and the weather was a lot nicer. I was stationed at the Boston Children's Museum all week. Being there all five days gave me the chance to figure out how things run here and get more used to my co-workers. We had several groups of kids and families come to us wanting to fish and touch the crabs.

On Tuesday, children from a school for the deaf came to visit the Boston Children's Museum and on their way stopped by our area. outside! They were all so cute and adorable, around the age of 7-9. It was amazing to see how despite not being able to hear, that didn't stop them from having such positive energy. They were all enjoying the hot summer days and their curiosity was heart-warming. I learned how to say girl and boy in sign language.

one of the girls I met on Tuesday
A group of girls from the Lawrence YMCA came and visited our area as well. They were dancers and we got to see them perform under the big tent. Even though they came to the museum to dance they were so excited to be able to fish. Some girls even wanted to fish more than they wanted to dance!  One girl caught 2 crabs in a row and from then on the rest of them made it a competition (in a good way) to see who cold catch the most crabs.

I also caught a crab for the first time! I was waiting and waiting to catch something until I decided to go do something else when I was rolling the rod back up. Right there and then I see something come up and it was a crab! I may sound overly excited, and trust me I was when I caught it, but I was so excited! :)

I caught this crab!
This week was so fun with my co-workers and the kids I met. 'Till next week crew!


Second Week Shenanigans!

Hello Everybody!

The second week has gone by, surprisingly quick, and a lot has happened so let's get started with what happened on Monday. Monday was not the best day for me because I missed the boat to Camp Harbor View. "So where did you go for the day?" you may be asking. Well, I went to the Children's Museum and it was my first time so I didn't know how things worked over there. The day was more chill and relaxed than I thought it would be with kids and their parents stopping by and checking out what we had. With the minor hiccups like the tent not fully working, which resulted in us just taking it down and dealing with the hot sun, it went by quickly and great.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was on All Access, with us going to Georges Island. Like last year, I was getting a little tired of going to Spectacle and was excited to go to Georges for the first time. Once again, I have these same feelings, but now toward Georges. However, that doesn't mean that I'm sick of Georges. Tuesday was a typical All Access day with us going to Georges. On Wednesday, it was in the mid 70s so it was very cool which made things very easy. Fishing and going on tours was a lot easier without the sun's heat on my back. Even going into the dark tunnel made me get goose bumps because it was too cold.

One of the shows referenced on the wall (Gravity Falls)
On Thursday, I did a lot more exploring through the fort. After leaving the dark tunnel, I went up a hidden staircase that lead up to the top of the fort. The top of the fort is the best place to have a great view of the most of the Boston Harbor. You could've seen Downtown Boston in the distance, Long and Spectacle island. I decided to explore more on top of the fort. I came across a shed and decided to go in to check it out. Inside you could see that there was the typical writing on the walls. But there was a surprising amount of geeky stuff written on the walls referencing TV shows and a podcast that I never thought would ever be written on the walls of an abandoned shed. Although I wanted to keep on exploring, I had to head back to the dark tunnel.

The shed of top of the fort
On Friday, I headed, once again, to attend the MLK Scholars meeting. This year they decided to make the event a little more exciting. They started out with us (the scholars) getting into five big groups. With our groups, we had to keep a beach ball up in the air and count every time we hit the ball. If the ball hit the ground, we would have to restart everything. There wasn't a prize; it was very energetic and was really fun. Then we had a lot of speakers. Last year, there would be one speaker per meeting, which would mean that there were four speakers through the whole summer. There were at least five speakers in this meeting alone. There was the vice president of John Hancock, the executive director of Camp Harbor View and even Mayor Marty Walsh for speakers at the meeting. This week went by very quick but it was very eventful and I glad that I saw more in what Save the Harbor has to offer and hopefully and this will continue through the summer.

Mayor Marty Walsh at the MLK Scholars Meeting
See you guys on the Harbor!
-Imani Dorsey

Wacky Week 2

     Week 2 of my summer began with a crazy start on Monday, when we had another extremely hot day at the Children's Museum. In order to solve this problem we used a tent that was provided for us. However, the tent was broken and was only able to stand up if someone was holding the middle of the tent. Since this presented a dangerous situation we took down the tent. However this did not setback the people working outside of Children's from doing their job in the immense heat without any cover.

      Entering week two, Children's had been the site where equipment would fall into the harbor and we ended up losing two buckets and a ball. However once we got the third bucket things did not seem to go as bad as week 1.. at least until Tuesday. Unfortunately our luck was still bad because as we were hauling our third bucket of water up from the harbor the bottom of the bucket cracked! We tried to fix the bottom of the bucket with tape which did not end up helping at all. Here's to hoping bucket number four sticks around! 

     On Thursday we were able to catch our first fish, but it was not via fishing rod. Instead it was caught with the crab trap! We ended up catching two baby flounders which ended up attracting many kids who were curious about this strange fish. This was one of the first few times we have had something in our touch tank besides green crabs or spider crabs. One of the kids who came over to look at the flounder ended up staying for at least a half an hour just looking at the two fish! He even ended up naming one of the fish "fish".

                                             (One of the baby flounders found in the crab trap)
That's all for now!

Coming out of my shell!

This week at Camp Harbor View was an adventurous one. On Monday, we started the week off a bit slow at CHV, catching only some skate and flounder. To switch it up a bit, we had our first fishing trip on Tuesday where I held a crab for the first time!! I’ve always been really afraid of sea creatures so I was proud to get over that fear. It wasn’t anything like I had expected. Having that fear for so long made it seem scarier than it was.
First CHV fishing trip!

On Wednesday we checked the traps to find that we caught THREE lobsters and two flounders. That by far was the most successful catch ever since we’ve started here at Camp Harbor View. It’s often really hard to catch fish there, and we’re constantly answering the question “why do we only catch skates,” but later this week that all changed.

I told myself I would never hold a spider crab but to my surprise, on Thursday I built up the courage to hold one. Truly I was nervous, but after I held it I was proud.
First time holding a spider crab! EW
Friday I did my first fishing demonstration for the kids, which I was proud about. Before our first group on Friday, Dexter caught the first fish from Camp Harbor View. We haven't caught any fish before then. I never knew that when the tide was so low that the boat couldn’t go straight to camp. On Monday we ended up cruising for an hour before we went to camp, due to the really low tides. When we arrived we began the scavenger hunt around camp, and we were stationed at the Boat House, where we waited for the kids to find mussels. After they were done, we began to look for the invasive crabs along the shoreline. We ended up catching a lobster later at fishing club as well, along with a skate egg sack, which I’ve never seen before. Unfortunately we had to tell the kids that we couldn’t keep it, which made everyone sad :(

That’s all for this week!

Aleena Mangham

Week Two at STH, Piers Park and the CHV Fishing Trip!

   Yesterday, (Monday, July 9th) was only my second time ever working at Piers Park and my first time there this summer. It was also the first day of a week-long camp session for many of the kids, making Monday a day filled with new experiences for both the campers and me.
   We started the morning off by introducing ourselves and playing some icebreaker games, which was a good way for the campers and staff members to become comfortable around one another. Later, we took the campers to the dock. for some water involved activities. The campers either went sailing, fishing, kayaking, or just checked out the crabs we had caught. I was mostly helping the enthusiastic campers fish, we were not able to catch any fish but many of the campers were able to fish for the very first time, and in that regard we were successful.
   After about an hour it was time for lunch and a "free time" break. Once we completed our lunch break the campers learned about recycling and keeping their community clean, this lesson was followed by a trash cleaning trip around the park, where the campers and staff picked up any trash they saw. After our earth saving walk, we once again headed to the dock. This time we were more successful fishing, as one of the campers caught a crab on his line. It was a really cool moment for all of the campers as they saw how exciting fishing can be. After about another hour on the dock, it was time for us at STH to leave, bringing an end to an exciting and enjoyable day.

One of the campers next to the crab he had just caught

       The very next day (Tuesday the 10th) was Camp HarborViews first fishing trip of the year and I was glad to be able to be a part of it. We started the day by meeting the campers in the Seaport area and then Captain Charlie came on his fishing boat to pick us up. Some of the Campers had never had the opportunity to be in a small boat, so they were excited from the jump (before they even caught any fish). Once we were all on board, Captain Charlie explained some simple safety rules and then we were off! We headed toward the outer parts of the Boston Harbor, near Camp HarborView, where Captain Charlie stopped the boat so we could drop our lines in the water for the first time of the trip. The Campers instantly started getting bites on their rods, catching a flounder, Skate, and Crab in just the first few minutes. And many of the Campers continued to catch fish and other sea creatures in the other spots we fished at. However there was one camper who hadn’t caught anything towards the end of the trip and she was very upset. Luckily, the next time we docked the boat she caught about 5 crabs in about 20 minutes, and she was ecstatic.
     This was a great way to end the fishing trip, as every camper had caught either a fish or crab, and they were all happy and thankful to be able to participate in the fishing trip. Hopefully the next CHV fishing trip can be as exciting and successful as the first, but those are some very high expectations.

The moment when one of the campers caught a crab on their fishing line.

Until Next Time, Abel Yohannes

Week 2-JC

July 16,

So it’s my third week of work, I’ve had the pleasure of working at camp harbor view for most of my time here and have really enjoyed it! I feel as though the regularity in faces is welcoming as I start to feel closer and closer to my coworkers. Jules, Maeve, and Aleena are quickly becoming great summer friends. Our growing friendship makes work not only more rewarding but creates a more welcoming and productive environment.

We were even able to catch a few lobsters in our traps! They were super cool to look at and I loved holding them and touching their weird underbody and all it’s squishyness. We had the bright idea of maybe feeding them until they were big enough to sell or eat, but we knew that would be too harsh. So after our last group had left for the day we let them go back into the water. The funniest part is that I’m pretty sure that the lobster we caught the next day was one of the ones we had released back. It was pretty hilarious. As we spend more and more time on the docks together I can feel us getting closer and I’m only growing more excited as I think of the rest of my summer working with them.

Besides working with my typical crew, I also had the pleasure of working a event referred to as a “Beach bash”. The event was amazing to say the least, there were multiple other organizations working there and a bunch of Kids looking for a fun time. There was even a group from piers park who brought kayaks, and before they got crazy busy I was able to ride one for the first times and it was an extremely relaxing situation. After that I worked at the toy and kite station with a few of the younger kids. We even had a giant beach ball! But after a close call with some wind that was shortly retired. I then was begrudgingly put into a pirate costume to help show the kids the “haul away joe” sea shanty that Chris seems VERY fond of. Luckily I survived the experience so I quickly  started to help set out snacks for the kids and people on the beach, before frantically  packing hot dogs in buns for the huge line of hungry kids and adults.  Luckily we still had some left over after we fed everyone and we’re able to enjoy a few ourselves. After that we probably only went on for about one more hour before closing shop and packing everything away. I felt so energized after the event, it just left me in such a good mood. I definitely can’t wait to be a part of the next one!

A cool guy holding a lobster

A bunch of cool crustaceans 

See you on the Harbor! - Jovanni

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"Ariagnna, tell us interesting facts about Crabs"

Hey! It's Ariagnna and I'm back again for another week!

The week started off similar to last week, the crew and I went back to Blacks Creek for yet another session of "Harbor Explorers." On Monday during the first session, I was especially proud of the connections I made with the kids. A lot of my coworkers like to take pride in knowing a lot about the sea life, but I enjoy the part where I'm able to hang out and just have fun with the kids, teaching them new things and helping them touch the crabs. On Monday,  I met a child who called me her best friend, and although it may seem like a small gesture because it's "coming from a kid," it shows that she was comfortable with me and that meant a lot. Later, we explored other games to play rather than Ga Ga Ball. Not only did we get to see their competitive sides but, a lot of the children became comfortable with one another. So far, I am getting the hang of Blacks Creek and the routine that goes on during the sessions. I even tell a couple of Green Crab facts.

Eric, Kharliyah and I playing a new game called "Net Ball" with the kids.
During the second session, I learned a lot about how I deal or should deal with the sea life that we encounter. In the second session, while searching with the kids and my friend/coworker Eric, I found myself moving backwards and nearly stepped on a Horseshoe crab. Briana, the Senior Harbor Educator at Blacks Creek, quickly announced what it was, that it indeed was alive, and I should not step on it. Eric and Ellen picked up the Horseshoe crab and the insides weren't as appealing as you would think. It did seem very alien-like and I did not like the appearance of the crab but then I realized that I'm most likely never going to experience something like this ever again. So, I put my big girl shoes on and stood next to Briana, while Ellen took a picture of her holding it.

Briana and I with the Horseshoe Crab at Blacks Creek!

Some things I've learned about Horseshoe Crabs are:

  • They are one of the oldest sea creatures that have been around since the dinosaur era. 
  • A Horseshoe Crab closely resembles spiders and scorpions rather than true crabs. 
  • Their legs are attached to their mouth. 
  • Horseshoe Crabs are used in medical research to help with antibiotics. 

On Wednesday, the weather dropped drastically and it was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Even the children were too cold to go into the water and explore! With a little motivation we still managed to have couple of kids go in. Those who didn't, stayed by the sand and participated in some sand raking which including drawing some pictures in the sand and making some sand castles. By the end of the day we went to the Ga Ga Pit and participated in quite a few rounds of highly-skilled Ga Ga. 

Finally, to round did you mean to round up the week? of the week, we had another chilly day and participated in some of the same activities as Wednesday. Thursday, I took a role of leadership when I led a group of kids to the crab trap and explained to them how they get stuck in the trap and how we lure them in. We caught about 40 crabs all in one day! Along with some silly kids and a Congo Line named the "Crazy Crazy Conga," Thursday had to be my favorite day of the week! Although Blacks Creek is further out from the rest of the sites, we still manage to have just as much fun. 

This is Ariagnna Abreu, signing off! 

Race you to the GaGa Pit! 

First week in the books, a lot of bait off the Hooks

Preparation is key to a successful day in the heat. 
This week was my first week back to  Save the Harbor in a while since I last worked here in 2015 and what an amazing time I had on the water, at the islands and various cites. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in just one week and the summer is only just getting started. I know coming in to the summer that I would go to different cites, see different groups of people and encounter all kinds of different situations; but I was prepared for it. I believe time and preparation is the key to success no matter what you do and it’s important to me that i make myself flexible in terms of doing whatever it takes for the team. An amazing first week back, with amazing people and I couldn’t be any more excited to get back on the beaches and continue to impact the lives of others.

In really nice weather with a beautiful view of the Boston tea party and downtown Boston, Save the Harbor lead a group of really amazing kids who came with not only enthusiasm but excitement for not only fishing but , to see the dozens of crabs and fish we caught in the crab trap. At the children’s museum; many people question what the “people in the blue shirts” are doing, and very little know our cause or our history. It was a blessing to be able to encourage people to eat the fish that come from the Harbor because it’s clean and to be more active in the Harbor. Whether it’s taking a day trip to one of the islands, going swimming, or fishing or even going to the beach. Some kids have never seen a fish caught before although they may have been fishing in the past or fishing for the past 30 minutes with us on the pier. Although we didn’t catch much fish with our rods, the important thing is that hundreds of kids came and learned something. There is no greater joy in the world than seeing the youth who admire and look up to you walk away feeling satisfied because I was about to brighten their day and teach them a thing or two.

Enjoying our ice cream after an awesome fishing adventure
At the Children Museum I met a young man from Minnesota who came to Boston on vacation and couldn't help but notice the people in the blue shirts doing his favorite activity!!! FISHING. I started off by delightfully inviting him and his mom to come and fish or at least learn to fish, but very little lesson was needed as he had done it before. We connected over other things such as the differences in the water here and the water in Minnesota. He who quickly disengaged in the topic of history about the Boston Harbor continued to get satisfaction out of reeling in the bait and dropping back into the water. His mom however was very pleased with what she learned regarding the clean up of the Harbor and out contribution to that process.  Time has passed and the young man didn't move an inch from his fishing rod or move a muscle. What seemed to be an experience that would go on forever I showed him the crab trap and he fell in love with reeling in crabs. I didn't mind spending the whole day with him but it seemed the two had to get moving to their next adventure in the beautiful city. He didn't want to leave and for a second I thought he would chose fishing and crabbing at the pier one going back home with his mom. Before he and his mom left, his mom kindly offered to buy me ice cream but I had insisted that she didn’t. Instead she pulled out her wallet and said " I would LOVE to. You were amazing." Few moments later she returned with ice cream for the both of us. 
-"I think I caught something"
"I think you did too!...."
"Oh its just the bait" (drops bait back in water)

Its always a good thing as a person, let alone a worker when you feel you can do something positive for a child who may never get this opportunity again for whatever reason, or could be trying something new. I inspired and encouraged this young man to chase his dreams, be patient and enjoy himself while learning, and to me that is the greatest gift of all. Children are the future, so it is important to teach the proper way, connect with them and listen to them. Im glad this young man and his family came out and enjoyed their stay in Boston as well as their experience with Save the Harbor

   I look forward to seeing more kids and families in the future who interested in learning about the harbor and what we are doing to better the communities. I've met a ton of kids from All Access and Camp Harborview and each experience is different which makes teaching and inspiring so fun; because it is so diverse and every story is different. I am not the best fisherman or the smartest but I understand what I contribute and I am hungry to strengthen my weaknesses. I can't wait to be back on the harbor and blowing in the wind along the beachside. 

Until next time!

Sea ya later,



Good morning and welcome back to Piers Park! This Monday morning I spent time kayaking in the Harbor with 3 explorers: Allison, Ken, and Aden. They paddled their way towards the bridge because it was low tide and they wanted to know what kind of life was lurking in the seaweed on the rocks. Motivated by the findings of moon jellies, they were really excited to find something. The waters were calm this morning so it was easy for us to wade around and find sea snails camouflaged amongst the rocks. We were able to find plenty, but we could only reach so far, so we ended with just 3 sea snails along with a side of seaweed and a moon jelly. They were ecstatic to bring it back to the touch tank to share with everyone. The touch tank became a mini aquarium within minutes. We had seaweed, green crabs, baby fish, barnacles, moon jellies, and sea snails! It was so cool to create a tiny environment, the kids insisted it would help give the marine organisms a home-away-from-home feeling. By the end of the day we were all satisfied with our findings and ourselves.

Wonder Ball
Tuesday, I visited Blacks creek for the first time this summer. It was another one of those really hot days but that didn't stop us from beating the heat. We began the day with a game of netball! This wasn't just any regular game of catch, it was trickier. The rules of the game were simple, catch the ball with your net and avoid dropping it into the water. As simple as it sounds, things became a little competitive. We started out with four people, Ariagnna and myself accompanied by Sal and Vanessa. The ball was high up in the air one moment and we raced to catch it the next. It was exciting and fun, which welcomed more people to join us. Eric joined Ariagnna and I had young Zoey join my team. We were all focused on the game that time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to say our goodbyes.
During our second group, we did not have as much people so we spent a little time playing netball but more time invested in our crab trap and touch tank. The kids were a little intimidated by the amount of crabs they were seeing all at once but so excited to see them race against each other. I helped give out a few crabs before they lined up and began the race. There was lots of encouragement coming from the tiny crowd to help the crabs get a move on. My favorite part of the day had to be towards the end when we played wonder ball. If you have ever played it, you know how serious it becomes when there is a small amount of people left. It was like another game of netball but much closer and fast paced. We sang, "The Wonder Ball goes round and round..." and as the tempo picked up it got a little more intense. Then again, before we were able to get to a final round we had to pack up and leave. All in all, this hot day did not go to waste. 
Sand Castle Building Station
I met up with my little friend, Zoey again, who helped my build a sand castle! It was a quiet and cool morning at Blacks Creek. Far too cool to go into the water so the children decided on playing in the sand. With a mini pail, shovel, and rake in hand I picked a spot in the sand to begin building. Zoey walked over and asked if she could join me, she came up with the idea of decorating the castle and the ground around it to make it stand out. We built one main castle and 7 mini ones around it. Zoey added windows and a drawbridge then I added rocks for a finishing touch.  We then joined everyone to make our way up to play a few games of Gaga ball. We played about 5 rounds before it was time to go and each round became more fun than the previous one. Colin explained the rules as everyone surrounded the pit and they all nodded their heads in unison, indicating they understood and were ready for the challenge to begin. Little Zoey was a little shy, but excited, she was a great sport even when she was tagged out. When the final round came around all the kids had a determined look on their face to win but Colin stood his ground and was the champ by the end.
Zoey & K's Castle
 On All Access,we had the opportunity to bring out and serve 430 people to George's Island. I spent the day fishing with different groups of kids but the one's who stood out to me were two kids named Aliana and Yamil. They reminded me of my younger siblings. It was their first time on George's and their very first time fishing. For 7-year olds they were quite patient for their first time. They listened carefully when I told them about the types of creatures they could catch. They helped me pull up the crab trap and counted all the green, spider. and red rock crabs we had. They took turns fishing, if Aliana was fishing then Yamil would be at the touch tank and vice versa.

Who is Dexter?

         My name is Dexter Andrews, I am a rising Senior at Worcester State University in Worcester Massachusetts. I am a member of the football team and which I have been for the past 3 years. I really enjoy playing sports and being a inspiration through my hard work effort to my teammates and people of the community. I attended Brighton High School where I was also a member of the both the football and basketball team. This would be my second summer with Save The Harbor and I am really looking forward to bringing my experience and my passion to the other people I work with as well as the diverse communities we interact with day in and day out.

       Tenean Beach Festival 2015
Something I want to learn this summer Is how to be more of a resource to the people around me. What I mean is being able to effectively provide information and be much more reliable as far as information than I currently am; whether that be learning or sharing. I think I do a pretty good job with bringing energy to work and wearing my heart on my sleeve but I feel sometimes i am not the best prepared to provide information. My goal this summer is to stay confident in myself and my team members around me to do the best job possible and make for a excellent summer. Above all else my main goal is to make sure the children and the families enjoy their time with our programs and know that we serve the communities for them and their safety. 

I think its amazing when we take a look at the opportunities this organization provides for children across various communities surrounding Boston. As a kid I had no idea about these kind of programs and even these issues that exist in the harbor, so I think its extremely important to be of a role model to these children we serve and be able to give back from the knowledge standpoint but as well as the physical standpoint; in terms of being there mentally and physically with throughout their experience. I think spending time on the beach and in the water is cool but what I live for is being able to walk away every day/ end of the summer knowing I made an impact on someone's life and that I did it selflessly.

I look forward to being out in the communities and learning from the different people I interact with daily to make my self better and the overall experience. I think the best way for me to grow is to be eager and open to change and accept that.  im looking forward to a excellent summer and my second year with a wonderful organization as well as its surrounding partners.

Sun Block is important so remember to have fun, stay hydrated, and be yourself!

Ready for a great summer on the harbor!