Thursday, July 12, 2018

Arrival of the Summer

    Hello everyone , my name is Albert Deblas, I’m 17 years old and currently entering my senior year at the John D O’Byrant. I’ve been attending O’B since middle school and I can’t say I’m not glad that it is my last year there.I have spent my whole life in the city of Boston with my family of 4 and have lived in the small neighborhood of East Boston. However both of my parents emigrated from Mexico  and have been living in Boston since 1995. Being from Mexican  and Spanish descent, I’ve had a rich experience growing up with a big family and have used the lessons I've learned in everyday situations. This has also given me experience in a variety of different foods which I have learned to love, from quesadillas and carne asada to hamburgers and hot dogs .
    Being part of two cultures has helped me connect with different people I normally would not have met and has allowed me to love learning about different people and their cultures. Even though I am proud of where my parents are from, I am also glad I was blessed to live in such a wonderful country with all different types of people who I have been able to meet and learn from. One of my friends has influenced my taste in music and sports and has had a heavy influence on my new found love for the Boston Celtics.

     Growing up with a passion for soccer inherited from my family, I decided to use it and help teach young kids in a non-profit organization called Soccer Without Borders. This group is based in low income neighborhoods to help kids learns about being young role models in their community while developing soccer skills. Since this was one of my first jobs , I decided to use my experience with younger kids in my family to help me guide the younger kids I was teaching. I am excited for my first year at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay and I cannot wait for the exciting 2 months that have yet to come! I decided to work at Save the Harbor / Save the Bay because it will become another experience where I can use my skills to help other people learn. Working here will also provide a new opportunity in which I am able to meet new people and learn new things.

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