Monday, July 9, 2018

Introduction to Me

Hello everyone!

My name is Ariagnna Abreu-Garcia and I am 18 years old. I recently graduated from the John D. O'Bryant School and I will be attending Ithaca College in the fall majoring in Psychology with a minor in Education. At OB, I participated in clubs such as TAG, and played on the Softball team for five years. TAG, which stands for Talented And Gifted, is a Latino-based organization at school that helps others get to know each other well. TAG helps create latinx based dances to perform at major school events along with fundraising for special charities. This past year I worked at the Hurley K-8 in the South End at a program called 'Bodega de Arte.' At this program, I worked as an after school mentor/teacher for kids 4-11. My favorite part about my last job was working with kids. My friends from and outside of school along with those of whom I've worked with, would describe me as outgoing and adventurous. And I don't disagree with them.

This summer, I will be working at Save the Harbor Save the Bay in hopes of making a change towards a better future. Although I will be leaving the great state of Massachusetts, and the even better City of Boston, it doesn't mean that my family will. Growing up in Boston, from a minority family, many kids like me don't get the chance to experience or learn about things such as Boston Harbor. The most I had learned about Boston Harbor dealt with the colonists dumping the British tea into the harbor due to imposed taxes.  I don't have younger siblings,but I do have younger cousins and I would like to share what I learn this summer with them.  I hope that they are able to experience places like Blacks Creek or the free day at the Children's Museum and have the opportunities that I didn't have as a kid. 

My favorite memory related to marine life and activities, has to be when I was nine. I was frantically woken up by my cousins as my aunt wanted to go fishing. Although the smell of fish still isn't, my favorite smell, I went fishing. That day wasn't just about fishing at Jamaica Pond  but it was about bonding with my family, and having the patience to wait around for fish that didn't seem very attracted to the bait on the hook. This summer I hope to have more bonding experiences with the different children that I'll meet and with my fellow coworkers. 

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