Thursday, July 26, 2018

Crabs, fishing, sports, cheaters, and LOBSTAH

Well, I would not expect any more of a great week here at Save the Harbor. All Access took place at Spectacle Island, and I didn't expect so many sports all in one day! We had a lot of groups come out to AABH, and they played a wide variety of games. At first, they took a lesson with the ranger. They learned about the different islands, and their locations, and then wrote a quick journal. After that, as more groups came in, we started with a game of soccer. The rotation continued, but this time they wanted to play football, kickball, catch, uno, and much more. There were cones, balls, bases, and smiles everywhere!

Also at AABH, we had a great time at fishing. Many kids held their first crab, spider or green. Some kids were absolute experts at fishing. They knew which bait would statistically get more fish, and one boy said his favorite is the sea worm. He brought his own rod, and even taught me when and how to jig the rod. Unfortunately we did not catch any fish at Spectacle, but we did swim! David chased me into the water cause I did not have a change of clothes, but the water was so refreshing it was so worth it!

That Friday, I went back to CHV. Fridays at CHV are so fun because there is a cookout. However this Friday was more special because in our first group we caught a pretty big lobster! I never ever held a lobster, and it was a really fun experience that I got to share with the LITs and campers. The touchtank was packed. Two really big spider crabs, many other species of crabs, and Jules almost caught another lobster, on the fishing rod! We enjoyed our time with burgers and hot dogs, and I tried to eat as much as Dexter, but I just could not compete.

Now we are back at Georges island, where I encountered the same BASE group. The young boy named Jackson charged at me shouting "CHEATER", and challenged me and Ashley to another game of kickball. Patrice and Kharliyah needed help at fishing and I came down to help my team. We had some fun teaching the kids how to fish, and packed up to end a great week!

Catch ya next week!
Qalid Hassan

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