Tuesday, July 10, 2018

My first summer on Boston Harbor!

Hey! My name is Aleena Mangham. I’m 16 years old and am an upcoming junior at Boston Latin School, which I’ve attended since 7th grade. This is my first year as a Junior Program Assistant for  Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I look forward to meeting people and spending my summer with them at a handful of different sites around the harbor. 

In previous years, I’ve worked at the West End House Boys and Girls Club of Allston. Working there allowed me to be hands on with children in different activity rooms such as their Art Room and Education Center. Last year in the Art Room i participated in many designer and graffiti clubs. This year I hope to gain enough outdoor (fishing, boating, etc.) experience so that I can become more comfortable with marine life. I've fished before, and I do enjoy it, but I do look forward to gaining more knowledge on it.

I look forward to swimming and fishing the most, especially because I’ve been to girls camp where I used to do those activities as well!  At orientation, I went fishing and was proud that I caught something right away (see first photo). Overall, I look forward to a great summer at Save the Harbor!

Sea ya soon!

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