Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"Ariagnna, tell us interesting facts about Crabs"

Hey! It's Ariagnna and I'm back again for another week!

The week started off similar to last week, the crew and I went back to Blacks Creek for yet another session of "Harbor Explorers." On Monday during the first session, I was especially proud of the connections I made with the kids. A lot of my coworkers like to take pride in knowing a lot about the sea life, but I enjoy the part where I'm able to hang out and just have fun with the kids, teaching them new things and helping them touch the crabs. On Monday,  I met a child who called me her best friend, and although it may seem like a small gesture because it's "coming from a kid," it shows that she was comfortable with me and that meant a lot. Later, we explored other games to play rather than Ga Ga Ball. Not only did we get to see their competitive sides but, a lot of the children became comfortable with one another. So far, I am getting the hang of Blacks Creek and the routine that goes on during the sessions. I even tell a couple of Green Crab facts.

Eric, Kharliyah and I playing a new game called "Net Ball" with the kids.
During the second session, I learned a lot about how I deal or should deal with the sea life that we encounter. In the second session, while searching with the kids and my friend/coworker Eric, I found myself moving backwards and nearly stepped on a Horseshoe crab. Briana, the Senior Harbor Educator at Blacks Creek, quickly announced what it was, that it indeed was alive, and I should not step on it. Eric and Ellen picked up the Horseshoe crab and the insides weren't as appealing as you would think. It did seem very alien-like and I did not like the appearance of the crab but then I realized that I'm most likely never going to experience something like this ever again. So, I put my big girl shoes on and stood next to Briana, while Ellen took a picture of her holding it.

Briana and I with the Horseshoe Crab at Blacks Creek!

Some things I've learned about Horseshoe Crabs are:

  • They are one of the oldest sea creatures that have been around since the dinosaur era. 
  • A Horseshoe Crab closely resembles spiders and scorpions rather than true crabs. 
  • Their legs are attached to their mouth. 
  • Horseshoe Crabs are used in medical research to help with antibiotics. 

On Wednesday, the weather dropped drastically and it was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Even the children were too cold to go into the water and explore! With a little motivation we still managed to have couple of kids go in. Those who didn't, stayed by the sand and participated in some sand raking which including drawing some pictures in the sand and making some sand castles. By the end of the day we went to the Ga Ga Pit and participated in quite a few rounds of highly-skilled Ga Ga. 

Finally, to round did you mean to round up the week? of the week, we had another chilly day and participated in some of the same activities as Wednesday. Thursday, I took a role of leadership when I led a group of kids to the crab trap and explained to them how they get stuck in the trap and how we lure them in. We caught about 40 crabs all in one day! Along with some silly kids and a Congo Line named the "Crazy Crazy Conga," Thursday had to be my favorite day of the week! Although Blacks Creek is further out from the rest of the sites, we still manage to have just as much fun. 

This is Ariagnna Abreu, signing off! 

Race you to the GaGa Pit! 

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