Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My First Week!

Hi everyone!

Arriving for my first day of work I did not know what to expect, would the days be long and boring or would they be fun and full of excitement.My first week at Save the Harbour/Save the Bay has been nothing excitement and heat. The constant heat wave has made the job a little harder and uncomfortable than usually but nonetheless exciting. My first site has been Children’s Museum and it has been exciting meeting kids who are eager to learn about the harbour and fishing even with this constant heat. Everyday we constantly receive young children and their families eager to touch the crabs in the touch tank and learn the basics of fishing. Teaching the young children about the importance of the harbor feels extremely rewarding knowing that you might have an impact on a everyday life.

 While the first week went some what smoothly, there was still instances where times got tough and we had to improvise. I unfortunately drop two buckets into the harbor will collecting water for the touch tank, and there was a point in which there would be no crabs in the traps. However this did not stop us from doing our job in teach the kids about the harbor. The same day in which I managed to drop the bucket, we caught a huge spider crab which drew in a lot of attention from the folks at the museum. Catching the huge spider crab did end up making up for the fact that we lost two buckets in the first week and was a good way to end a difficult yet exciting week.


                                                    (HUGE spider crab caught with a fishing rod)

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