Tuesday, July 10, 2018

It's a Photo Finish!

Hey Everyone!

It's Senior Harbor Educator, Briana, with the scoop on our first week of programming!

Eric leading our Crab Chat

This week has been an eventful one at Blacks Creek in Quincy. We had a huge turn out for the races, a total of 28 crabs were caught in one day! We began our crabbing curriculum by teaching our Harbor Explorers about crab traps and how they work. We buckled our life jackets up and headed over to the dock. We allowed our explorers to pull the trap out of the water and onto the dock, revealing the numerous crabs we caught. After placing each crab into a bucket we brought them to the touch tank on the beach and circled the kids up for a Crab Chat. During our chat we taught our explorers all about crabs; the difference between a boy and girl crab, how to hold a crab without getting pinched, and even about the moulting cycle of a crab. We also discussed why some crabs may have fewer legs or claws than others.

"And they're off!"

After our Crab Chat it was time to get our creatures that we learned so much about back to their habitat. One of our favorite pastimes at Save The Harbor/Save The Bay is crab racing. We started out by drawing a line in the sand and grouping explorers into pairs. Each pair got one crab and was able to properly hold it until we were ready.

"On your mark, get set, go!!" Group 2 came out of the gates quick but was the first to hit a wall. It was a photo finish for two groups and ultimately it came down to a rigorous game of  Rock, Paper, Scissors to make the final decision. In the end, the girls from group 3 were victorious.

Eric commentating the final competitors
At the end of the day we all celebrated our valiant efforts in the races and our 100 degree exploring with some Gaga Ball in the shade. Despite the exhaustion from the heat, spirits were anything but low. Both Harbor Explorers and staff members were playing and enjoying the game. Everyone had a great time, even when someone got out they stood on the side lines and cheered on the remaining players.

It was a blast!!

Now, I'm off to the races! See ya next time!

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