Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Say hey to the Skates!

This past Friday, I went to Camp Harbor View! I did travel there last year but only a couple of times so it was a breath of fresh air when I went on the boat. I got to the dock at 8:09 because I stopped along the way to get a hot chocolate and when I got to the boat I said hello to everyone else and sat down. As I sat down I looked around the waters I saw all the different islands and all my memories came flooding back to me, I remembered the people that I worked with there like Max, Marlee, Patrice, and so many other people. When we got to the island we all got off and pulled up the crab trap, inside there was about 8 Green crabs, 2 Rock crabs, and one Spider crab! And that's not all! After that we set up the fishing rods the first group comes in and we showed them how to cast the fishing rod, show them the crabs we caught and let them free to try the rods. In the beginning it was boring and absolutely nothing happened but after a while the child I was with got bored and left At that point I tried to pull up the line but it was heavy so after intense pulling, a skate emerged from the harbor!
Lil old me holding a Skate
And that was not the only Skate! There were too many over the two groups that came, we caught about 3 to 5 Skates that day! After that we started to walk back to the CHV lunch house for, well, lunch and suddenly the rain starts pouring in. Luckily none of us got really wet, but it was pouring and the thunder was very loud and noisy. After eating lunch we saw that it was still raining cats and dogs so we tried fish printing but it didn't work due to the smell. In the end we ended up doing nothing, our day ended at 3:25 and I went home after a long relaxing boat ride to the harbor.

Hoping for a less rainy Friday!
~Eric Joseph

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