Friday, July 6, 2018

My first week

Hello! My name is Peter Tougias and this fall I will be a senior at Milton High School. After graduating High School, I plan to attend College and major in Criminal Justice. Prior to working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, I have been working with the Milton Animal Shelter. Throughout High School I have been able to travel to many places around the world. Through these trips I have gained an interest in Snorkeling and Scuba Diving which created another reason to work here: to help people who have never been around water, to start enjoying it and maybe take an interest into fishing, swimming or something related to that. This is my first time working at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay where I will be interning over the course of July.  I hope to meet new people and have a exciting experience with this organization!

My first week Interning for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay as been exciting so far. From setting up sport events for kids to teaching them how to fish has been great. I learned about this organization through my parents and was excited to intern here when the opportunity arose. The reasons that brought me here were: The activities or events I'd be able to help with, learning or experiencing things I have not done before, and also to fulfill community service hours that my high school requires.

All of the staff preparing to sing a sea chant
My first day we went out to George's Island to hold all sort of activities for kids to do, such as setting up sport games like kickball, soccer, and football. Other Staff members taught people how to fish or gave them tours of Fort Warren. Through this, I learned when the Fort was built (1834), and that it was used as a prison. Even though the day was extremely hot, it was still a lot of fun. My second day interning I spent time at Boston Children's Museum. We set up lots of fishing rods to teach people how to fish. Not only this, but before this, I did not know how to fish myself. We let them use chalk on the floor to draw and also let them hold crabs for them to touch. Even though we got rained out, we went under a tent and figured out a way to interact with the kids there. So far the work here has been fun. Through these events and being able to help with events, if an opportunity of leadership arises during the summer, I think I am more prepared to take that role prior to my experience here so far.


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