Sunday, July 22, 2018

Visiting Piers Park

  This week I said goodbye to Children's Museum and was able to visit a new site called Piers Park! I wasn't sure what to expect when I got there but I was really excited to get to see a new place! The park itself is beautiful and the view of the city is amazing! Once all of the camp kids got there it reminded me of my days as a camp counselor and I jumped right in. I loved how excited all of the campers were to fish with us down at the dock as I was also excited to hopefully catch some fish or a lobster at this new site!
Colin and Stanley helping kids fish!

   We were able to visit some new friends at courageous sailing this week as well where we played Boston Harbor charades and spent some time on the dock fishing! Our time with this group was cut short due to a thunderstorm but it was fun because all of the kids were really into fishing and got really competitive when acting out animals and activities found in the harbor!

   After the thunderstorms had passed we found an interesting friend in the harbor: a starfish! I have never seen one in the wild so I was excited to be able to interact with this one! All of the kids thought it was a really cool animal and loved watching it walk across the bottom of the touch tank. Some of them were brave enough to hold the starfish and feel it's tube feet walk across their hands! We were also able to catch a stone crab which was the first one we have caught!
The amazing starfish we found in the harbor!

  On Thursday we were able to visit with our friends at Community Boating. We discussed multiple environmental topics including eutrophication, what emissions are, and how we are able to reduce our environmental footprint. While the kids were interested in learning about this they also really wanted to fish so we ended our day at the dock trying to catch some sunfish!

Kayaking with my new friend (:
  While this week was truly amazing, the highlight was being able to take a girl named Abby kayaking. It was the end of the week so she did not want to fish anymore but wanted to go out onto the sail boat. She was scared of the boat capsizing however so she did not go out on it. She was sitting in an area alone and looked upset so I asked if she'd like to go kayaking with me. She was hesitant at first because the kayak was lower to the water than the sail boat but I finally convinced her to go and she ended up loving it! She loved it so much that she gave going on the sail boat in the afternoon a chance and loved that too! It was a great end to an awesome week! I hope to be back at Piers Park soon!

See you next time for more fun on the docks!


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