Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Great Week 1!

Week 1 was a blast!

I’ve visited two sites and at both of the sites, I had so much fun! At Camp Harbor View (CHV), the kids are funny and always want to try new things, like touching crabs or fishing for the first time. I knew most of the kids at the sites, since I've been there previously, so it was nice to see familiar faces. The kids at CHV make me feel like I’m part of their "official" staff--they are so welcoming! I feel like we will keep that bond for a while and won’t lose.

Prepping the crab trap!
I've also visited Georges Island with All Access. Before we get on the boat during All Access, we talk to the kids because they're from different places and they're always so funny. They just talk about anything; it’s fascinating how long they can talk, and some days it would be about nothing. Some of the kids don't like it when the boat rocks from side to side.

-Damani Duverna

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