Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Back to the Island

Hey there fellow harbor explorers! Last week was my first official week back working for STH/STB and I can't believe how much I missed it. To be honest with you, I was very nervous heading into my first day. I mean everybody gets butterflies when they have to meet new people or work in a different place right? You'd think that since I worked there last year I wouldn't be worried, but it was definitely the opposite. Thursday morning, I woke up at 3 am to leave Vermont and head back down to Boston to start my first day. Watching the sun rise on my ride down, all I cold think about was getting back into the swing of things. I knew I would be working on All Access heading out to George's Island, but I was quite afraid that I'd forget everything I learned last year! Luckily, it was smooth sailing.

Kharliyah and I were out front of the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion welcoming families and camp groups to the trip. Kharliyah would check them in and I would organize them in front of the fence to take a photo with our banner. Then I would lead them right inside to the VIP center to wait until David explained the history and expectations for the island. All of the families that I talked to walking in were thrilled to be riding the BIG boat out to an island that most of them had never even heard of. Speaking of David, I couldn't wait to work for him again. I learned so much from him last year and couldn't wait for more adventures this year. All Access is one of my favorite sites because each day I get to meet a whole new group of people and share my love for the harbor with them.

After David explained George's history and some old prison tales, it was time to head out to the boat. I lead the group of about 250 people down past the World Trade Center towards the Provincetown II. On the ride over, many kids kept pointing over the edge to Long or Spectacle Island asking if it was our destination. When we arrived I was put into the fishing group with Kharliyah and Kent. We were all pretty experienced fishers and excited to work with all of the families that signed up. Setting up,  we pulled up the crab trap and found about 20 crabs inside!
The first group of crabs
One family from Epsom, England had recently moved to Boston because their father was extending his business out here. The children were so excited to fish and hold the crabs in the touch tank. I pulled out a large green crab for them to hold and they squealed with excitement. The brother was fearless and offered to hold the crab in demonstration for his sisters. The youngest sister (about 3) then insisted upon it being her turn. She pinched the crab so tight and paraded it around the dock until she thought it needed to "go play with his friends". The children named the crab Bob and asked me to tell all other kids that that is what his name is. As they were leaving they asked to know our names because they never wanted to forget this experience and hoped to come back one day.

This is why I love working for All Access and Save the Harbor. Without this job I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet this amazing family and make such a difference in their lives.
Holding up Bob for my new friends

Until my next adventure,

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