Friday, July 13, 2018

Intro -Wallace

Hi,  My name is Jasseim Wallace and I will be spending my summer  working as a Junior Harbor Educator for the Save the Harbor Save the Bay program.  I am a recent high school graduate and will be attending Fitchburg State University in the coming fall.  In my spare time I like to  hang out with my friends, play video games, and play sports. Most summers I have spent traveling going to North Carolina to backpack for a month and Utah to study for a month.   In the meantime, this summer I will  be working with youth in order to  not only educate them about the Harbor and its history but to also make it fun and interesting. We will learn skills such as fishing,  how to set up lobster/ crab traps and how to become great fishermen!  Fishing is a new experience for me I since the only time I went fishing before was actually when Save the Harbor taught some of us at Camp Harbor View when I was in middle school.

I’m excited to be able to teach kids whom like me never knew much or had the chance to go fishing.  Some of the fears I have are being able to work well and get along with my co workers and be patient with the children (patience is 🔑).

I’m excited for this summer and hopefully it’ll be an eye opening and memorable time.
My co-workers and I waiting for the okay at orientation to fish off the boat!

Catch ya out there!


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