Monday, July 16, 2018

Esther's Week 2/Beach Bash

Hi everyone, I’m back with another Blog!!!!!!!!

~ Monday and Tuesday

I was working at Camp Harbor View where I was able to interact with kids. To me, it was another day where I had the opportunity to teach them how to fish and showed them the right way to hold a crab. Watching their expressions as one of them caught a crab or a skate fish made a regular day at work an amazing day where you didn't want it to end.

What’s the worst thing that can ever happen to someone who is new at a job, where they experience new things and gets the chance to meet new people everyday? Well let me tell you. Get comfortable, alright?! So, I wasn’t able to make it to work on Wednesday due to personal responsibilities meaning that yes, I lost a chance to meet these amazing kids, but most importantly, I missed my first day working at a whole new site (ALL ACCESS). OMG! Just imagine all my thoughts when I was told that I was going to work at another site. I was really sad to miss out!

~ Thursday
Group of kids with us on Georges Island

Now, I would like to introduce you to the site “ALL ACCESS”

Hanging out on the Provincetown II to Georges!
      Before we got to the boat, we told the kids the story of the Lady in Black and the reason why no one is allow to turn on a flashlight while being inside the Dark Tunnel. As we headed to Georges Island on the boat, I met 4 wonderful girls named Janice, Dakota, Kennedy, Shanice. My co-workers and I were playing Uno Cards with them until we arrived. 

At the island, I played sports with the kids. The funniest part was when they were screaming as they ran out of the Dark Tunnel. My co-workers and I used to rotate to give every one of us a chance to work at different section (fishing, sports, fort tours, etc.). When I arrived to the fishing site and touch tank session, I was trying to persuade a little girl who was not sure if she wanted to hold a crab. I was so excited and I decided to hold the crab as usual and guess what happened... I got pinched in my index finger for the first time. OUUUCHHH!! I had to fake it like it was alright so that the little girl wouldn't get scared but it really wasn't alright. In the end, it was okay because the little girl did hold the crab and her smile while saying "I can't wait to tell dada that I held a crab" was everything.

~ Friday AKA "El Finaaal" (Dominican slang which is used when something it's more than great.) and means The End in English.

First time I caught crabs by myself 

This is how the ball ended!
       This Friday, was one of the best Fridays I've ever had. It was my very first Beach Bash, which took place at Carson Beach. My first duty was to tie the crab trap and get it after 30 minutes. In the meantime, my co-workers and I were setting up our section which was titled "Sports and Big Beach-ball." My first impression when I saw the big beach ball was shock. Let me tell you it wasn't big, it was huge! Not even huge, it was enormous! It was bigger than me. The kids loved it! They were running up and down, chasing the ball. Until they got so tired that they deflated it.

Look at that smile 
    My co-workers were flying kites except me because I didn't knew how to. I was so mad that it wasn't working for me, so I kept trying. I even felt a little jealous because I knew that as soon as the kids would arrived they would want to fly them, and I wouldn't be able to practice flying them. However, by the time they arrived, I got the hang of it--after a hundred tries. Just imagine the feeling when someone tries something for the first time and then they just want to keep doing it and not give others a chance because they're still getting the hang of it. Well, that was my current situation. Every time I was flying a kite, one of the kids would want to fly it. My inside voice was like "But I'm flying it right now I don't want to share!" Haha, but I always ended up giving it to them because it was for them and they were supposed to be the ones flying it, obviously not me. 

1,2,3 RUUUUN....
After the activities time passed, the kids met Pirate Jovanni and our team who then sang the Haul Away Joe song. Then, on the count of 3, all the kids had to run towards the water if they wanted to eat afterwards (not really, but they loved splashing around!). And that's how this amazing week ended..

P.S. Like I always say, "stay tuned for my next blog!"

~ Esther

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