Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wacky Week 2

     Week 2 of my summer began with a crazy start on Monday, when we had another extremely hot day at the Children's Museum. In order to solve this problem we used a tent that was provided for us. However, the tent was broken and was only able to stand up if someone was holding the middle of the tent. Since this presented a dangerous situation we took down the tent. However this did not setback the people working outside of Children's from doing their job in the immense heat without any cover.

      Entering week two, Children's had been the site where equipment would fall into the harbor and we ended up losing two buckets and a ball. However once we got the third bucket things did not seem to go as bad as week 1.. at least until Tuesday. Unfortunately our luck was still bad because as we were hauling our third bucket of water up from the harbor the bottom of the bucket cracked! We tried to fix the bottom of the bucket with tape which did not end up helping at all. Here's to hoping bucket number four sticks around! 

     On Thursday we were able to catch our first fish, but it was not via fishing rod. Instead it was caught with the crab trap! We ended up catching two baby flounders which ended up attracting many kids who were curious about this strange fish. This was one of the first few times we have had something in our touch tank besides green crabs or spider crabs. One of the kids who came over to look at the flounder ended up staying for at least a half an hour just looking at the two fish! He even ended up naming one of the fish "fish".

                                             (One of the baby flounders found in the crab trap)
That's all for now!

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