Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Second Week Shenanigans!

Hello Everybody!

The second week has gone by, surprisingly quick, and a lot has happened so let's get started with what happened on Monday. Monday was not the best day for me because I missed the boat to Camp Harbor View. "So where did you go for the day?" you may be asking. Well, I went to the Children's Museum and it was my first time so I didn't know how things worked over there. The day was more chill and relaxed than I thought it would be with kids and their parents stopping by and checking out what we had. With the minor hiccups like the tent not fully working, which resulted in us just taking it down and dealing with the hot sun, it went by quickly and great.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was on All Access, with us going to Georges Island. Like last year, I was getting a little tired of going to Spectacle and was excited to go to Georges for the first time. Once again, I have these same feelings, but now toward Georges. However, that doesn't mean that I'm sick of Georges. Tuesday was a typical All Access day with us going to Georges. On Wednesday, it was in the mid 70s so it was very cool which made things very easy. Fishing and going on tours was a lot easier without the sun's heat on my back. Even going into the dark tunnel made me get goose bumps because it was too cold.

One of the shows referenced on the wall (Gravity Falls)
On Thursday, I did a lot more exploring through the fort. After leaving the dark tunnel, I went up a hidden staircase that lead up to the top of the fort. The top of the fort is the best place to have a great view of the most of the Boston Harbor. You could've seen Downtown Boston in the distance, Long and Spectacle island. I decided to explore more on top of the fort. I came across a shed and decided to go in to check it out. Inside you could see that there was the typical writing on the walls. But there was a surprising amount of geeky stuff written on the walls referencing TV shows and a podcast that I never thought would ever be written on the walls of an abandoned shed. Although I wanted to keep on exploring, I had to head back to the dark tunnel.

The shed of top of the fort
On Friday, I headed, once again, to attend the MLK Scholars meeting. This year they decided to make the event a little more exciting. They started out with us (the scholars) getting into five big groups. With our groups, we had to keep a beach ball up in the air and count every time we hit the ball. If the ball hit the ground, we would have to restart everything. There wasn't a prize; it was very energetic and was really fun. Then we had a lot of speakers. Last year, there would be one speaker per meeting, which would mean that there were four speakers through the whole summer. There were at least five speakers in this meeting alone. There was the vice president of John Hancock, the executive director of Camp Harbor View and even Mayor Marty Walsh for speakers at the meeting. This week went by very quick but it was very eventful and I glad that I saw more in what Save the Harbor has to offer and hopefully and this will continue through the summer.

Mayor Marty Walsh at the MLK Scholars Meeting
See you guys on the Harbor!
-Imani Dorsey

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