Thursday, July 26, 2018

Annual Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival

Hi beach-goers!

This weekend on July 20th to the 22nd was the 15th annual Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival. We were lucky enough to join dozens of vendors and organizations along the beach on a beautifully sunny day!

We met in the morning next to one of the main pavilions, and set up our table for fish printing. Throughout the first few hours, a couple hundred people stopped to see what we were doing. Many were confused by the real flounder, and we faced many bewildered faces and comments of "What? That's a REAL flounder? You're using it to make ART?" Occasionally, we would get an enthusiastic child who thought the flounder was incredibly cool, and would want to pet it.

3 sisters fish printing!
By the early afternoon, our poor flounder became hot and sticky under the warm sun, and its insides began to leak... We swapped over to our second frozen flounder, but unfortunately, he too began to fall apart. While we may not have been as exciting as some of the other booths that were giving away free gift cards to Amazon or Whole Foods, many children and families were excited that we were providing interactive artwork with fish (something super unique!) for free! Some visitors made fish prints on rice paper--although this started to get tricky towards the end because the paper was so delicate! Others printed on shirts, which turned out really cool!

What a great event! So many people were eager to see how we made art with fish, and were also impressed that the flounder was real. Three sisters came in matching outfits, and were so cute as they fish printed together. To everyone that joined us--thanks for coming! Hopefully we'll see you at the next event.

Kaya + the fish printing team

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