Wednesday, August 23, 2023

It is so Hard to Say Goodbye

Goodbye Save the Harbor,

    It was a pleasure being a Senior Harbor Expert. As I sit here reflecting on my time with this wonderful organization, I can't help but feel grateful for all the experiences I've had. From sailing on the open sea to learning about the incredible marine life at the aquarium, I've had the privilege of seeing some truly amazing things. One of the highlights of my time with Save the Harbor was working with the JPEs in my second session. These young people were so enthusiastic and dedicated to their work, and it was a joy to see them grow and develop throughout our time together. I'll never forget the day we went fishing together. 

    The JPEs worked to ensure that everyone was participating and getting involved, and their hard work paid off. We caught some incredible fish that day, and I was so proud of the team for all their efforts. As I say goodbye to Save the Harbor, I know that I'll always cherish the memories I've made here. It's been an incredible journey, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this amazing organization. Thank you, Save the Harbor, for all that you've done for me and for the community. I'll always remember my time here with fondness and pride.

First Summer with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for Save the Harbor. As a senior finance major at Tuskegee University, I have had the privilege of working with some of the programs that Save the Harbor partners with. However, it was only recently that I became fully aware of the significant impact that this organization has on the environment. Save the Harbor is not only dedicated to keeping the Boston Harbor safe and clean but they are also recognized for its role in educating people about pollution on a national scale. Through my experience with the organization, I have learned a lot about the Harbor, thanks to their knowledgeable LHEs and JPEs. We spend our days teaching kids how to fish and teaching about the islands as we are learning ourselves every day.

The commitment and passion that Save the Harbor bring to their work is truly remarkable. Witnessing the significant difference they make daily is truly inspiring. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this organization and look forward to continuing to learn from and work with them in the future. Sincerely, Darius Anderson

Friday, August 18, 2023

last blog of summer '23

Hey guys it’s Chrisnel! 💁‍♀️ 

    This summer has been so much fun and I’m so sad that it’s ending :(! These past two months I worked at the sites All Access and the Children’s Museum which are very different from each other. I’m not gonna lie I liked All Access more because of the ferry rides and the fact that I got to see hundreds of people in a singular day. Children’s was a lot slower since you’re outside the museum all day doing the same thing. Where as All Access time seems to go by a lot quicker with greeting the groups coming, the ferry ride, and the amount of things to do on the islands. But Children’s was fun in its own way, seeing so many tourists walk by and seeing their surprise as I tell them all the little fun facts about our harbor that I’ve learned this summer was so fun to me.

Isis and Kimani with Montrell the Green Crab at Childrens

Something that I didn’t expect from this job is the amount of knowledge I’ve picked up without even realizing. Like the fact that rain storms washes a lot sewage and bacteria into our harbor. I learned this from the amount of times our activities were canceled this past month because of rainy August has been lol. I also learned a lot about green crabs, an invasive species in our harbor that you can tell the gender of by looking at the shape of its abdomen. And lastly, before working here I had no clue how nasty the Boston Harbor used to be.

I enjoyed all of the people I’ve met this summer. I had never expected to get so close to so many people and I’m gonna miss everyone so much. Now that summer is over I’m looking forward to soccer season this fall, and starting my second year of high school!  

Ari and I during the Turner Construction site tour!

See you guys next summer xx

My final blog for save the harbor

My final week and blog of save the harbor is been a wild funny and interesting part of my summer I've worked at all excess where we went to islands teaching kids how to fish,played games with them,help them touch crabs,and all in all had fun. The other place I worked out for the next half was the boston children's museum where we stood outside teaching kids how to fish(again) and let them touch crabs and draw, So it was a little boring at this site but I still had good friends who could make it really interesting. Through out all of these I learned how to fish,kayak,and sail alot better than before so I can now enjoy the seas alot better after the job. Just like how I enjoyed the best feild trip of this job the kayaking and sailing had to be one of the best ones there was just the speed I was able to gain on people that were sailing was satisfying. It makes me miss the things I'll do here when fall comes. But luckily I'll be able to see the friend's I wasn't able to see during the summer.

Monday, August 7, 2023

New Sites

Hey y’all I'm back! 
     Now being at AABH is very cool. I get to go on fishing trips and go to Spectacle and Georges Island. It is very chill and I get to interact with so many different groups of kids. I definitely don't go a day where we are not laughing and having fun with the other kids. I’m not gonna lie when you are at AABH time goes way faster which is great because it's always a pretty easy day. I got to experience my first fishing trip and it was very fun. I got to help some kids and fish as well. Although MK literally ditched me so I was stuck with Will, Giacomo, Henry, and Erik 😐. But I still had lots of fun!
After a day @ Spectacle ppl get sleepy 😴


We have also been going on trips with all the staff on Friday's! My 2 favorites are the trip we took to Piers Park and are most recent to the Aquarium. At Piers Park we went kayaking and sailing, I loved it until I fell in the water like 4 different times, once my fault and the rest were Harry’s. But it was mad hot outside so it felt great. The sailing was very cool, I got to get to know one of the staff members at Piers Park and we had a blast talking and getting to bond. Last friday we went to the aquarium. I was so excited because I haven’t been to the aquarium since I was like 5. I got to touch a Stingray for the first time in a while. While there we got to meet with the youth staff there as well and played a few games to get to know each other. I loved playing zip, zap, zop, never played it until we went there and I will definitely be using that game in the future. This week was a blast, but I can’t wait to see what this upcoming week has for me, especially for the trip to Georges and for the upcoming Fishing trips! SEA YALL NEXT TIME!!!

End of July


(a picture from last year at CHV)

    So July is already over; somehow, I thought this month would be longer.  For the past month at all access, we've caught only crabs. Like last time they were green crabs.  A fun fact about green crabs is that they are not all green some are red. The way you can tell is the number of spikes on their shells.  There are 5 on each side so you can spell out the word green.  They don't really grow very big and most of them are so small their claws are tiny.  However, occasionally there is one that is larger.  you can find them in Europe because that's in their name the European Green Crab.  Also, in Boston Harbor, because they are invasive to the area, that's why we catch so many.  They eat squid which is great for us because that's what we use for bait!

    Now something else we caught a skate, wait no we never actually caught it it fell off the hook. Since I didn't catch the skate we did catch some spider crabs and if this sounds like all the other times I write about what we catch because that's really all we catch, however everything we catch excites the public because it gives them a chance to interact with the water differently.  Spider crabs look like a spider because they have very long legs and claws. They can get really big compared to a green crab. They're huge but, their claws are really weak.  They can't even hold on to the bait if they're on the hook they'll just fall off when they reach the surface.  

    My favorite part about all access is just everything you get to enjoy working on an island. When we're at Spectacle we can go swimming after we finish with the fishing.  There's usually some wind so when it was supposed to be almost 100 degrees outside it wasn't as bad; it was still really hot but at least it wasn't 100 degrees. Getting to explore these islands with my co-workers and teach the public really makes the summer so much fun!

    Next week I'm going to be working at CHV so the one thing I'm excited about is the food that they give to us and meeting the new campers!  They always have something good at breakfast and lunch and the campers are super enthusiastic.  Also, it's just really fun to work here.  

well, that's about all I can think of so see you next time.

new site



    Well, sort of a new site, I worked at CHV last year.  The schedule of the day was about the same as last year; get to the boat, set up, eat breakfast (not as good as last year but still good), get our first group, then the second, eat lunch, fishing club, put everything away, get on the boat, and that's it; one entire day at CHV.  

    The one thing different about working at CHV this year is that we don't work there on Fridays because we now use that day for a staff day where we go do different things like last Friday we went to the aquarium. Going to the aquarium was really fun I could've watched the penguins swim around for hours.  I learned that their teen staff basically does a lot of things whether it's checking on what marine species are in the harbor or doing everything else.  This was interesting to me because I've only seen a couple of people from the aquarium on our all access trips to spectacle island, and I never knew what they were doing.  Now I know they were pulling up traps to see what was in the water. 

    Another Friday that I enjoyed is when we went to Peirs Park because it was a really nice day and we all just got to relax on a boat.  Also when we went kayaking my boat didn't flip and I never fell in, unlike a few people.  we also went sailing and the boat I was on had someone who works for Peirs Park and also works at CHV doing the sailing. 

    Next week Im excited to just have a nice day working on an island.

Goodbye for now and see you on the water!

Sunday, August 6, 2023

All Access!

 Hello, it’s me again harry and I just finished my first week at All Access. I’m enjoying this a lot because I get to be on a boat and go to the islands. My favorite has to be George’s Island because we explored the island and went inside the dark tunnel. My new team is also really fantastic because everyone is so lovely.

My favorite staff Friday has to be the aquarium because I just love going to the aquarium. I just like watching the fishes swim around and looking at the penguins hop around and swim. I learned about how much fun it is to work at the aquarium and how nice it is to work with marine life. One question I would ask then is if they are hiring because working at the aquarium seems like something I would be interested in in the future.

Another staff Friday was at Piers Park because I was able to kayak and sail in one day. I had a lot of fun spending time with everyone and enjoying the water. I fell multiple times but I had a blast. I learned a lot about how talented the people who work there are because I have no idea how to sail. I would ask them how they sail because I would like to learn and sail on my own one day.

I’m excited to work at Spectacle and George’s Island again because it was indeed a different experience from children’s. Also, another Friday staff bc so far everyone's Friday has been amazing and I’m definitely looking forward to another one. That’s it for my blog for this week.

See you at the harbor!


Site Switch!

 Hey guys it's Chrisnel! :)

    This past week at STH has been fun and a learning experience as I adjust to my new site. Before I was at All Access, but now I'm at the Children's Museum. It's similar, we still do the crab trap, the fishing rods, and the touch tank. Except I'm in a different environment since at All Access I'm usually at Spectacle or Georges Island. I really enjoy Children's since I get to interact with so many people who are just passing by our tent. On my first day at Children's, I met people who were visiting Boston from all over the world, and getting to teach them a little bit about our harbor was so fun to me! Many of them were surprised that we caught the green crabs in the harbor. I've gotten really comfortable managing the touch tank, which is funny to me considering how squeamish I was when I first got the job- struggling to even hold the squid when baiting the fishing rods. 

    We've had a few staff events this past month, but one of my favorites was when we went to the Franklin Park Zoo! I hadn't been to the zoo since elementary school so it was fun revisiting the different exhibitions at an older age. We were separated into groups and did a scavenger hunt which was fun because it allowed us to explore and take a look at the animals. My favorite part was seeing the Gorillas since they were really close to the glass when we got there. After the staff event Seoule, Maddox, and I "ran it back" as Maddox described it, to explore the parts of the zoo we didn't get to see which was really fun since we weren't limited with time when looking at the animals. 

Maddox recovering from his injury right next to the Gorillas

    My second favorite staff event was when we went to the New England Aquarium! Before be had headed to the aquarium we had some lunch back at the office, the pizza was really good. Arianny seemed a bit more excited about it than me though. I hadn't been to the Aquarium in a while as well so this was really fun for me. My favorite part was the touch tank because I got to touch a sting ray- something I was always too scared to do when I was younger so it was like a full-circle moment for me lol. The lighting in the aquarium is really dark and with all of the tanks it had this blue hue which was really cool, it kinda felt like you were in the water with the animals. Overall it was a really fun experience. The exit of the aquarium was in the gift shop and I knew it was a trap but I still fell for it :( I ended up spending 20$ on a glow-in-the-dark putty which I kinda regret but the damage is done. 

Arianny's reaction to there being pepperoni

For next week my mainly excited about the BHWOCC since I think it'll be a great chance to meet new people and get closer to my fellow WOC who work here at SHSB :) See you next week!

- Chrisnel 

Blog 3- isaac

 First week at my new site for the next half of save the harbor, I'm not gunna lie not much to do, but the friend's that were along with me at the children's site were some of the best there is, so first week was alot of pretty funny stuff ya know. And the fridays were also something to talk about like the kayaking a sailing was just top notch since I love the water and kayaking alot just seeing the faces of people swearing revenge on me as soon I splash them with water was pretty hilarious. I would say the people over at that site were just trying to let people experience the kayaks and sailing from the harbor and back. The aquarium was also a nice,aestheticly pleasing experience with all the sea animals just swimming or splashing around, or when it just came to the look of the whole place, the workers of the museum were very telling as to why and how they do there job and how they accomplish there goals, when there's visitors they'll show the animals doing what they do like flipping,eating, or just swimming and honestly it was a nice experience learning something new from them. Also an experience,we lost Maddix due to the fact he told Noone he was using the bathroom and he pretty much missed the whole trip. One question I could ask the employers is how the animals feel after being locked up for our entertainment and knowledge and if they ever get freed from time to time. After every thing this week at my new site and the past fridays, I would say it has been an enjoyable summer...except for this week's Saturday, had to be one of the worst days of work in my life,barely any customers,too many stuff to carry tbh,to the point where an Uber just left us without even trying to help us,and I almost got jumped by some kids while I was coming home at EIGHT!!! Ya know thank God I ignored them calling me and I was running at the time but besides that "event" it's been a alright experience at the job for this week.

site switch!!

 Recently i’ve been switched from all Access Boston Harbor to the Boston Children’s Museum site. It was definitely a big change but it wasn’t one that I dislike. I enjoy getting to meet new people from all across the world and teach them about boston and what Save the Harbor does. I am excited to meet even more people and continue doing what i do at my site.

We have been on quite a few trips on Fridays but the one that was my favorite was our trip to the zoo. I enjoyed spending time with my friends/coworkers and getting to enjoy the zoo like I did when i was little. I had fun looking around at all of the animals and talking to the staff about what they do. I hope we can go again soon to see more.

Another staff Friday i enjoyed was our very first one on orientation week. I had fun exploring seaport while also getting to know my coworkers. It was a fun activity to show us an around and help us bond as a team. It is also one of the things i remember most about working at STH.

This week, im excited for the BHWOCC retreat and to see everyone again. That’s all for this week, byeee -isis


I'm Jah and my last site was Peirs park but I am not placed at CHV. Camp Harbor View is an easy and chill site; it's just a bunch of pre-teens fishing. I know some of the LIT's there so it's fun to interact with the staff there. I see why people love it there and say it is the best site! It's a lot of fun I can say it's very chill and we actually caught a shark the first day, the boy who caught it was named Tayshawn. So far my new site is great and I look forward to the rest of the summer at CHV. 

The best Friday trip we had was at my old site Peirs park. It was my site and people got to see why I hyped it up. This was minus the fact that I fell in the water tipping in my kayak, everything was ok, but the people who caused me to fall were My new SHE and LHE Maddison and Ari:( They are pretty cool but it's funny to bring up Sid and Simon, my best friends from my old site to Maddison. I tell her how much I miss my friends from peirs but maybe over time my coworkers at chv can replace them. However, the Peirs park trip was fun and I got to feel like a camper for the first time in a while, especially enjoying it with my coworkers. 

My second favorite Friday was when we went to the Franklin Park Zoo. I havent been to the zoo since 2nd grade and I learned some new facts about it during the field trip. We saw all differnt land animals, we stepped away from the ocean to the land for the first time. I know this is off-topic but I would really like to have. Friday boat trip. Anywways, it was fun learning animal facts and having fun with cowkorks during the scavenger hunt. I did not pet any animals, that is just not my thing. I only like to look at them not touch them. The best animal I saw at the Franklin Park Zoo was probably the lion. This is because they are so cool and like to chill out in the sun like I do. That's my top two favorite trips with STHSTB more to come! However, I am sad summer is coming to an end :( 

 The two pictures I have added include the boat ride I take every morning to Camp Harbor View and a picture from one of the Friday trips to the aquarium!

Blog #3

 Hello again it's Khaika, 

This month I'm at Piers Park in East Boston. Piers Park is similar to Children's, but it has its differences. At Piers in the morning we spend our time fishing with the first half of kids. Then after our lunch we spend time playing with the kids. I spend my time usually playing soccer or volleyball with them. The kids are very competitive. After lawn games, we have the second half of the kids fishing. My favorite part of the day is hanging out with the kids and seeing how excited they get when we pull up crabs. 

One of the places we went for our staff Friday's was the Franklin Park Zoo. This was one of my favorites because it was like being able to be in touch with my childhood. The last time I went to the zoo was probably in the third grade and now I'm going 10th grade. One of the people I interviewed while there was Kelsey Zhao. She said likes to work at the zoo because of her love for animals. There she works with the animals but she also works in the front of the zoo interacting with the people. My favorite part while at the zoo was seeing the giraffe. 

Another place we went was the New England Aquarium. Similar to the zoo, this was one of my favorites because I haven't been to the aquarium in a very long time. While at the aquarium we heard from the teens that work there, and they told us while there they also get to interact with a lot of the people there. They also get to teach some things about the animals that are in the aquarium. One of my favorite parts was being able to touch the stingrays. They were like a slimy soft feeling. One of the questions I didn't get to ask is how do they get some of the animals that they have, such as the stingrays, penguins, seals, etc. 

The final weeks are coming up and I'm just excited for the rest of the summer. See you guys next week. 

Kids @ Piers using "squid" for bait but tuning it into a crown for our "Queen Crab"

Back at All Access


                                                    card games on the way to Georges island

Back at all access for my second month of save the harbor this summer. This first week has been more of the same. we visit spectacle Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we visit Georges. But for the first time in years I walked the dark tunnel on Georges island. I don't remember the tunnel being that dark but it was still a fun team bonding experience.

                                                    the top of the New England aquarium tank

Every Friday is a staff day trip at save the harbor. this past week we went to the New England aquarium. this was on of my favorites because I love aquariums. before we went inside we had the experience to talk to the teen aquarium staff on what they do during the day. we learned that it was more than just standing around and answering questions. these staff help educate the guests on Marie life and help give people a deeper look into what this aquarium actually is. one memorable thing that I learned is that this aquarium has a rehabilitative center in Quincy for injured marine animals that wash up on the shore of the cape. one more question I would ask if I had the chance would be, what happens when the rehabilitation center is full? where do the animals go?

the second favorite staff day of mine was the zoo. the zoo is always a fun experience young or old. At the zoo I learned that most of the species inhabiting it are endangered including the zebra and the Somali wind donkeys. at the zoo I didn't get the change to talk with any of their youth staff but someone I go to school with works at the zoo and I heard they educate guests on the animals inhabiting it. a memorable experience I had was seeing the monkeys. one of the monkeys and its child where sleeping together in front of the class and everyone loved it. A question I would ask is where do the animals go in the winter?

See you on the harbor- Seoule

Friday, August 4, 2023

CHV Recap

Hey guys! It’s Bri just wrapped up my first half at Camp Harbor View. I was lowkey pretty sad to leave because I got to know so many kids that at first hated the idea of fishing but by the time they had to leave they wanted to stay and keep fishing. I got to know so many cool staff members at CHV and got to build stronger bonds with my CHV crew. This month I interacted with lots of crabs and a good amount of fish. I saw a lot of Green Crabs and Spider Crabs. I was also able to get to see a Sand Shark. When we caught crabs most were Green Crabs which are an invasive species in our harbor. Green crabs are originally from Europe, North Africa, and the eastern Mediterranean, green crabs have become invasive in many regions worldwide. Ranging 2.5 inches to 4 inches and they are not only green but at times many are also a brown color.  They can now be found in North America, South America, Australia, and parts of Asia. Green crabs inhabit many coastal habitats such as rocky coasts, marshes, seagrass beds, and estuaries. They are known for their ability to hide behind rocks and dig into dirt, these methods help them to survive. Green crabs are an omnivorous species who eat a variety of things, including small fish, crustaceans, bivalves, algae, and waste. The spread of green crabs has harmed local ecosystems and wealthy shellfisheries in numerous areas. Through monitoring, trapping, and public awareness campaigns, efforts are being made to manage their populations and stop their spread. In order to reduce their impact and encourage environmentally friendly methods, some areas have also looked at the possibilities of taking advantage of green crabs as a resource by turning them into food products or using them for composting. Fun fact, Green crabs are highly adaptable and are able to survive in a wide range of salinities, allowing them to thrive in both saltwater and brackish environments.

CHV Staff Jonny 🦈

Another species I encountered while at CHV was the Dogfish,Dogfish typically range in size from 2 to 5 feet long, depending on the species. They have slender bodies and are well-adapted predators in their marine environments. Dogfish are present in many oceans and seas around the world, with some species being more common in certain regions. They are known to live in temperate and cold seas and are frequently found in habitats in deep ocean waters and along continental shelves. They are highly adaptable and can be found in a wide range of habitats, including rocky reefs, sandy bottoms, and deep waters. Some species are known to undertake seasonal migrations. Dogfish are opportunistic feeders, and their diet primarily consists of fish, squid, crustaceans, and other small marine organisms. They are skilled hunters and use their sharp teeth to catch and consume their prey. Due to overfishing and bycatch in commercial fisheries, some dogfish species have conservation issues. For instance, the population of the spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) has decreased, prompting conservation efforts to control overfishing and safeguard their habitats. To secure the survival of these interesting creatures, conservation efforts work to encourage ethical fishing methods and safeguard marine environments. Fun fact, Dogfish are a sort of small shark known scientifically as Squaliform, not dogs.

    This last month has been very eventful and I honestly enjoyed every moment of it. I really loved meeting with the kids in the fishing club at the end of the day. I felt like it was the best way to wrap the day up. I loved the time I had with my crew, especially our little casting competitions. I learned many things, like how to cut the squid the right way, I am now to bait cutting expert. But no for real everything about CHV was amazing, an unreal experience that I got to enjoy with the crew and staff at CHV.

I am very much looking forward to AABH and to meet my new crew. I already know it's about to be a blast, especially getting to go on the fishing trips and beach walks at spectacle and just getting to spend more time with our Harbor Historian (David Coffin), he is low-key so much fun to hang with. Getting to know more about Spectacle and George's island is something I really look forward to. Especially getting to meet a whole new group of kids way younger than at CHV is something I look forward to, especially getting to answer their questions and seeing them process the information is the best.

"You can be a burning pile of trash for 10 years and you can still be able to turn your life around." 

- wise words from David Coffin 

See ya next time!!