Sunday, August 6, 2023

Back at All Access


                                                    card games on the way to Georges island

Back at all access for my second month of save the harbor this summer. This first week has been more of the same. we visit spectacle Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we visit Georges. But for the first time in years I walked the dark tunnel on Georges island. I don't remember the tunnel being that dark but it was still a fun team bonding experience.

                                                    the top of the New England aquarium tank

Every Friday is a staff day trip at save the harbor. this past week we went to the New England aquarium. this was on of my favorites because I love aquariums. before we went inside we had the experience to talk to the teen aquarium staff on what they do during the day. we learned that it was more than just standing around and answering questions. these staff help educate the guests on Marie life and help give people a deeper look into what this aquarium actually is. one memorable thing that I learned is that this aquarium has a rehabilitative center in Quincy for injured marine animals that wash up on the shore of the cape. one more question I would ask if I had the chance would be, what happens when the rehabilitation center is full? where do the animals go?

the second favorite staff day of mine was the zoo. the zoo is always a fun experience young or old. At the zoo I learned that most of the species inhabiting it are endangered including the zebra and the Somali wind donkeys. at the zoo I didn't get the change to talk with any of their youth staff but someone I go to school with works at the zoo and I heard they educate guests on the animals inhabiting it. a memorable experience I had was seeing the monkeys. one of the monkeys and its child where sleeping together in front of the class and everyone loved it. A question I would ask is where do the animals go in the winter?

See you on the harbor- Seoule

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