Sunday, August 6, 2023

site switch!!

 Recently i’ve been switched from all Access Boston Harbor to the Boston Children’s Museum site. It was definitely a big change but it wasn’t one that I dislike. I enjoy getting to meet new people from all across the world and teach them about boston and what Save the Harbor does. I am excited to meet even more people and continue doing what i do at my site.

We have been on quite a few trips on Fridays but the one that was my favorite was our trip to the zoo. I enjoyed spending time with my friends/coworkers and getting to enjoy the zoo like I did when i was little. I had fun looking around at all of the animals and talking to the staff about what they do. I hope we can go again soon to see more.

Another staff Friday i enjoyed was our very first one on orientation week. I had fun exploring seaport while also getting to know my coworkers. It was a fun activity to show us an around and help us bond as a team. It is also one of the things i remember most about working at STH.

This week, im excited for the BHWOCC retreat and to see everyone again. That’s all for this week, byeee -isis

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