Sunday, August 6, 2023

Site Switch!

 Hey guys it's Chrisnel! :)

    This past week at STH has been fun and a learning experience as I adjust to my new site. Before I was at All Access, but now I'm at the Children's Museum. It's similar, we still do the crab trap, the fishing rods, and the touch tank. Except I'm in a different environment since at All Access I'm usually at Spectacle or Georges Island. I really enjoy Children's since I get to interact with so many people who are just passing by our tent. On my first day at Children's, I met people who were visiting Boston from all over the world, and getting to teach them a little bit about our harbor was so fun to me! Many of them were surprised that we caught the green crabs in the harbor. I've gotten really comfortable managing the touch tank, which is funny to me considering how squeamish I was when I first got the job- struggling to even hold the squid when baiting the fishing rods. 

    We've had a few staff events this past month, but one of my favorites was when we went to the Franklin Park Zoo! I hadn't been to the zoo since elementary school so it was fun revisiting the different exhibitions at an older age. We were separated into groups and did a scavenger hunt which was fun because it allowed us to explore and take a look at the animals. My favorite part was seeing the Gorillas since they were really close to the glass when we got there. After the staff event Seoule, Maddox, and I "ran it back" as Maddox described it, to explore the parts of the zoo we didn't get to see which was really fun since we weren't limited with time when looking at the animals. 

Maddox recovering from his injury right next to the Gorillas

    My second favorite staff event was when we went to the New England Aquarium! Before be had headed to the aquarium we had some lunch back at the office, the pizza was really good. Arianny seemed a bit more excited about it than me though. I hadn't been to the Aquarium in a while as well so this was really fun for me. My favorite part was the touch tank because I got to touch a sting ray- something I was always too scared to do when I was younger so it was like a full-circle moment for me lol. The lighting in the aquarium is really dark and with all of the tanks it had this blue hue which was really cool, it kinda felt like you were in the water with the animals. Overall it was a really fun experience. The exit of the aquarium was in the gift shop and I knew it was a trap but I still fell for it :( I ended up spending 20$ on a glow-in-the-dark putty which I kinda regret but the damage is done. 

Arianny's reaction to there being pepperoni

For next week my mainly excited about the BHWOCC since I think it'll be a great chance to meet new people and get closer to my fellow WOC who work here at SHSB :) See you next week!

- Chrisnel 

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