Sunday, August 6, 2023

All Access!

 Hello, it’s me again harry and I just finished my first week at All Access. I’m enjoying this a lot because I get to be on a boat and go to the islands. My favorite has to be George’s Island because we explored the island and went inside the dark tunnel. My new team is also really fantastic because everyone is so lovely.

My favorite staff Friday has to be the aquarium because I just love going to the aquarium. I just like watching the fishes swim around and looking at the penguins hop around and swim. I learned about how much fun it is to work at the aquarium and how nice it is to work with marine life. One question I would ask then is if they are hiring because working at the aquarium seems like something I would be interested in in the future.

Another staff Friday was at Piers Park because I was able to kayak and sail in one day. I had a lot of fun spending time with everyone and enjoying the water. I fell multiple times but I had a blast. I learned a lot about how talented the people who work there are because I have no idea how to sail. I would ask them how they sail because I would like to learn and sail on my own one day.

I’m excited to work at Spectacle and George’s Island again because it was indeed a different experience from children’s. Also, another Friday staff bc so far everyone's Friday has been amazing and I’m definitely looking forward to another one. That’s it for my blog for this week.

See you at the harbor!


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