Sunday, August 6, 2023

Blog 3- isaac

 First week at my new site for the next half of save the harbor, I'm not gunna lie not much to do, but the friend's that were along with me at the children's site were some of the best there is, so first week was alot of pretty funny stuff ya know. And the fridays were also something to talk about like the kayaking a sailing was just top notch since I love the water and kayaking alot just seeing the faces of people swearing revenge on me as soon I splash them with water was pretty hilarious. I would say the people over at that site were just trying to let people experience the kayaks and sailing from the harbor and back. The aquarium was also a nice,aestheticly pleasing experience with all the sea animals just swimming or splashing around, or when it just came to the look of the whole place, the workers of the museum were very telling as to why and how they do there job and how they accomplish there goals, when there's visitors they'll show the animals doing what they do like flipping,eating, or just swimming and honestly it was a nice experience learning something new from them. Also an experience,we lost Maddix due to the fact he told Noone he was using the bathroom and he pretty much missed the whole trip. One question I could ask the employers is how the animals feel after being locked up for our entertainment and knowledge and if they ever get freed from time to time. After every thing this week at my new site and the past fridays, I would say it has been an enjoyable summer...except for this week's Saturday, had to be one of the worst days of work in my life,barely any customers,too many stuff to carry tbh,to the point where an Uber just left us without even trying to help us,and I almost got jumped by some kids while I was coming home at EIGHT!!! Ya know thank God I ignored them calling me and I was running at the time but besides that "event" it's been a alright experience at the job for this week.

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