Sunday, August 6, 2023


I'm Jah and my last site was Peirs park but I am not placed at CHV. Camp Harbor View is an easy and chill site; it's just a bunch of pre-teens fishing. I know some of the LIT's there so it's fun to interact with the staff there. I see why people love it there and say it is the best site! It's a lot of fun I can say it's very chill and we actually caught a shark the first day, the boy who caught it was named Tayshawn. So far my new site is great and I look forward to the rest of the summer at CHV. 

The best Friday trip we had was at my old site Peirs park. It was my site and people got to see why I hyped it up. This was minus the fact that I fell in the water tipping in my kayak, everything was ok, but the people who caused me to fall were My new SHE and LHE Maddison and Ari:( They are pretty cool but it's funny to bring up Sid and Simon, my best friends from my old site to Maddison. I tell her how much I miss my friends from peirs but maybe over time my coworkers at chv can replace them. However, the Peirs park trip was fun and I got to feel like a camper for the first time in a while, especially enjoying it with my coworkers. 

My second favorite Friday was when we went to the Franklin Park Zoo. I havent been to the zoo since 2nd grade and I learned some new facts about it during the field trip. We saw all differnt land animals, we stepped away from the ocean to the land for the first time. I know this is off-topic but I would really like to have. Friday boat trip. Anywways, it was fun learning animal facts and having fun with cowkorks during the scavenger hunt. I did not pet any animals, that is just not my thing. I only like to look at them not touch them. The best animal I saw at the Franklin Park Zoo was probably the lion. This is because they are so cool and like to chill out in the sun like I do. That's my top two favorite trips with STHSTB more to come! However, I am sad summer is coming to an end :( 

 The two pictures I have added include the boat ride I take every morning to Camp Harbor View and a picture from one of the Friday trips to the aquarium!

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