Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Esther's Week 1

Hello! first I'll start off with what I've experience so far in my first week at Camp Harbor View. I took noticed of how hot the sun was from Monday to Thursday. OMG!! It was so hot that Aleena, Jovanni and I would go to the showers after work and wet ourselves with cold water. That was the most refreshing water of all times. I'm not even lying I have two witnesses that can testify to my favor. That's why I always carried extra water even though the camp provide us. Also since I know my friend Jovanni is now making it as a habit to ask for sunscreen and hand sanitizer I make sure I carry it for him and for whoever needs it. Like I always say "you can never go wrong with women; we always carry everything we need and a little bit more just in case." :P

When we were placing the rods where they belongs and getting the crabs before all the kids reached, I realized that there are 2 types of crabs that can commonly be found at Long Island, which are Rock Crabs and Spider Crabs. They both can be found in different sizes and different genders. People can also find Skate Fish. Before, I thought the small crabs were cute, but when I first saw a Skate Fish I fell in love with them. They are super adorable and the way they smile it's just too much of cuteness to handle.

Seeing the kids while holding the rods hoping they'll catch something it's just amazing. Most of the kids will forever wait patiently. Others who have a little bit less of patience will constantly move from one place to another. As the kids stand by the Crab Tanks they were all impressed and entertained as they hold them, but most of the times the kids enjoyed to see the Crabs fight over the food they used to throw at them. Even myself was entertained. In the Crab Tank there was this cute tiny Crab who didn't had any claws but was the only crab who got all of the food for itself without having the other Crabs bother. A good lesson I gave to the kids as we watched them fight over the food was, to never give up for what they want it doesn't matter what they have or don't have, not even where they came from, just know that everything is possible. And we got the opportunity to experienced it with the Crabs.

Out of all the days that a week has, Friday was the best day I could ever have, working at Camp Harbor View. & No! I'm not speaking about the fact that the weekend was right around the corner :P Friday was a very very special day for me because first, there was no sun out which I think it made it super cool and excited. It was very windy and also rainy. But it was so amazing that it only stopped raining every time we had a group session of kids. As I mention before I fell in love with Skate Fish. So, guess how many Skate Fish the kids caught on Friday.. Do you want to know how many Skate Fish the kids caught? I know you do :) Well the kids caught 3 Skate Fish. Ps. It wasn't at the same time but OMG!! What can I say, every time one of the kids screamed "I caught something" and it was a Skate Fish my heart would melt as I see them smiling. Now that I'm recapping, I think I was one of the most excited person at that moment. Even though the Skate Fish are mad adorable, me personally wouldn't touch them nor let none of the kids do it either just for safety. As one of my co-workers removes the hook from their tail, we asked the kids to stay back and gave them some space as he release them to the sea so in that way they can tell their family and friends what is like here in the land.

Even though this week no one got the opportunity to catch a fish, it was a great week of work where we all enjoyed despite, the hot sun and the rain.

Ps. Stay tuned for more amazing updates as the weeks pass!! See you on my next post.

~ Esther
Skate Fish ❤
Look how adorable they are when they smile ❤

Teaching one of the kids the right way to hold a Crab!!

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