Saturday, July 28, 2018

Rainy Week? We Still Had Fun!

Hi everyone,

Kharliyah shining bright as always!
Today was a crazy week since the weather was inconsistent. Monday, we led another trip to Spectacle Island with one of our Share the Harbor cruises. This time, David was able to join us, and kept the crew, SHSB staff, and visiting guests entertained with his dad jokes and funny comments. Tuesday and Wednesday were both spent at Georges Island for All Access, where we fished and explored the Dark Tunnel with visitors.

Catching crabs!
BCYF Jackson Mann at the Pop Up!
At one point, I went over to the Dark Tunnel to take some photos for our Instagram account, and a group of young kids, all around the age of 4 or 5, were psyching themselves up. They were all interested in exploring the Dark Tunnel, but were extremely nervous about the possibility of seeing the Lady in Black. David and I both told them there was nothing to worry about, but they were still nervous. So we each grabbed the hands of a couple kids, encouraged them to grab the hands of their friends, and then slowly walked through the tunnel together. Screeching the entire time, the kids giggled and slowly moved through the damp, wet darkness. A couple ended up running back to the beginning--where their counselor waited. Seven of the children made it through to the end, and were extremely proud of themselves for doing so. They jumped up and down with excitement. It was great to see their happiness!

On Thursday, there was a high chance of rain, so All Access was canceled. The AABH team headed over to our Pop Up Museum on Causeway Street. We set up stations for fish printing, sand raking, coloring, and fishing outside on the nearby bridge. Two groups showed up--YES and BCYF Jackson Mann. It was a fairly calm day with only about twenty or so visitors hanging out with us. Jackson Mann had only five small children, all pre-school aged. We sang the Cookie Jar song together, wrote postcards for family members on our Boston Harbor colorable postcards, and overall, had a great time.

Fish printing together!
Almost halfway through the summer, I really appreciate the fact that I'm starting to recognize more and more faces at every event we host. We see a lot of familiar faces on All Access cruises, since many groups come more than once. Keri Ann, the leader from Jackson Mann, has begun to call me by name. It's really nice to see her again, and to be able to greet each other with recognition. On Friday, during our Beach Bash on Carson Beach, I saw her again, which was a lovely surprise! I'm really starting to get a good sense of the youth groups and programs throughout the Boston area, and I love seeing the same faces--children and chaperones--during our events! I saw Ivan, a kid who was with us at the Pop Up, at the Beach Bash, too. He was very sweet and excited to hang out with us again.

Despite the occasionally lousy weather, we had a lot of fun this week!

See you soon,

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