Sunday, July 22, 2018

The exciting second week!

Kamal Taylor

The second week of Save the harbor was pretty fun just like the first. I experienced new things, met new people and done things that I haven't really done before. I was sent to All access during the second week. We were at Georges Island for the entire week and I was excited. It might've been hot, but there is a lot of fun things to do. I was hoping I would have a better time this week than the first week.

A Picture of the open sea I took on the Provincetown 2
On Monday and Tuesday, just like the last week, we were at Georges and we had basically done the same things. Some of the staff goes fishing, some go to sports, and some go on tours. I was at tours on Monday with Esther and Sports on Tuesday with Dexter. The tours were nice. We just explored the island and absorbed the environment that's all around us. Tuesday was fun as well. We had played kickball and that can get competitive. It was Dexter's team vs My Team. I don't remember Dexter's team name, but our team was named Team Explosions. They had won the first game, in which I swore they cheated and then we won the second game fair and square. I had a lot of fun on that day and we even go to go through the dark tunnel which I had a lot of fun helping David scare some of the kids in the tunnel.

Wednesday was also pretty much the same. Only this time I had to go fishing for the first time at All Access. It was kind of overwhelming because so many kids had wanted to fish and they had seemed so excited for it. When we were there a lot of kids walked up to us even though they had to eat their lunch first. That set the mood already for the rest of the day. After lunch, a lot of kids had come up to us to fish and see the crabs. However, one of the crab traps were stuck underwater so we couldn't get it. We had needed help with that. The kids had ended up fishing though and even caught a few crabs on the fishing and on the other crab trap. The fishing rods were giving some trouble sometimes, but we managed to push through it. In order to get the other crab trap though, me and (mainly) Patrice had gone down to the ladder and pulled the crab trap that was stuck on the dock. It was thrilling!

Thursday was the same as the rest. I was doing tours again and I had shown kids around the island. Basically the same as before but still entertaining and Friday we had MLK. It was pretty fun, but it was only the introduction to MLK so there wasn't much to mention. Overall, this week was fun, hectic, and excited. I hope to do more fun things like this in the future!

I hope everyone has a great summer!

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