Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hey it's me, Kharliyah Ortiz: Live and in Stereo

Welcome back to Save the Harbor!

Special catch from 2017
P&K reporting for Duty 2017 Spectacle Island

It's Kharliyah and I am welcoming summer 2018 with nothing but positivity and good vibes. I am really looking forward to another summer with Save the Harbor. This summer seems like it'll be a hot one, I will enjoy catching this tan and having fun in the Boston Harbor. 

This will be my third year working with Save the Harbor, I can't wait for our beach events. I am all about trying new things this summer. For the past two summers I have always enjoyed working in the Youth program with STH because I love kids. I am surrounded by kids at home and everywhere I go, I connect with them on a special level. The amount of potential I see in these kids has inspired me to add a minor to my studies at MCLA of child and family services. Through Save the Harbor, I was able to help feel like I am giving back to my community and able to be a positive influence in the youth's lives. Seeing how happy they are when they come fishing with us at our different sites puts warmth in my heart.
This year, I return as an LHE with a little more sense of responsibility to deliver these kids what can be an amazing time. We know how important it is for children to stimulate their minds with new information and fun. This year I intend on doing more than I usually settle for, stepping out of my comfort zone and keeping a hopeful outlook on things. I hope we get to see more come out of the Museum in the North End and get larger numbers of families and camps to come out to the islands this summer. 

See ya on the harbor!


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