Thursday, July 19, 2018

A start to a exciting Adventure!-JC

July 1,

It's supposedly really hot outside today, I wouldn't know. I haven't gone outside, I've been basking leisurely in my air conditioned room, binge watching crime documentaries and action movies. Of course this blog post is supposed to be about me as a person and not some activity log, so lets just cover the important stuff shall we?

  • Born in the United States,  July 2000
  • Got into a car accident when I was 8
  • Attended Academy of the Pacific Rim
  • Attending Umass Lowell in Fall
  • Moved around until my first year of high-school
  • I traveled every summer in high-school
  • I've been to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, China, and Germany
  • I'm part of an organization called Summer Search
  • I once spent 30 days in the wilderness and LOVED it
  • I'm half Puerto Rican and Dominican 
This summer I am looking forward to meeting so many amazing people, while educating kids on the harbor. I'm looking forward to all the boat rides and being so near the water. If orientation is the least bit like the actual job I know I’ll have a great time. Learning to fish was so exciting, and the pirate stories were especially invigorating, really making orientation a memorable experience. I guess I am also kinda nervous about a few things. Like whether or not i'll fit in with the other kids or if I'll be able to make enough friends. Super worried about remembering names, that's never been my strong suite. Despite all this I'm still confident that I will have a great time!

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