Tuesday, July 31, 2018

E.S W-4 //Black Creeks & Beach Bash Vibes :P

Hey everyone. I’m back with another blog!

This is my second week at Black Creek and it started with a little of rain showers and super humid. Everything was going well, the water was getting nicer as the day passes; it wasn’t muddy anymore. There were a lot of Snail Crabs, Hermit Crabs, Sea Snails and regular Crabs. It was perfect for the kids. Every time they found a creature, it gives them more desire to keep exploring.

After exploring, we all went to play Ga-Ga Ball, but there was a huge problem. There was no ball to play. Ouch! The kids were so disappointed. My coworker decided to put a little bit of fun into it, since we were already there. The game consisted on playing Ga-Ga Ball but with an invisible ball. The kids used to hit that invisible ball so hard, that the ball would bounce back to them as they jumped, so that the ball wouldn’t touch their feets. It was super fun because nobody knew were the ball was. But there was this one person who pretended to know were it was all the time, meaning that everyone had to listen to her in order to know where the ball was and who was out.

The Crabs's Home!
Our last session was only 2 kids that came in. It was so awkward. They didn’t used to talk to each other or even ask questions. There was no Sea Snail, Hermit Crab or regular Crab visible for them to catch.. It was really boring. My co-workers started throwing rocks to the water making them believe that it was a big fish flying "ahahaha". They actually believe it at first because they were smiling at us as they wait for another fish to “fly.” To keep the happy and excited vibes, we all started building a home for the crabs so that in that way they would want to come and visit us soon.

Sand Sculpture ❤ 
At Black Creeks, the kids decided to create 2 islands in the middle of the “sea.” & yes it was in the middle of the sea literally that they create. The kids shaped it with an unique form. They used sand and water to built it. For extra decors (because you know they’re all about that fancy decoration life) they used seaweed as trees and plants, and the little buckets to build sand castles around the edges. After their walls were strong enough, they all worked together to pour water constantly, creating a new home for the Hermit Crabs and the regular Crabs. I must admit, it was the cutest and most detailed piece of sand sculpture I've seen so far. Is the way they took time for every single detail and the way all of the kids contributed with their ideas as they putting it to work. & all of their thoughts were reflected in that amazing sand sculpture. I'm still in shock OMG!! I still can't believe I had the pleasure to lived that moment with them. They made me realize that kids are not just simply "kids." They have the capacity to create wonderful things and think of ideas that not even us who are older would've think of.

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Fun Friday ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Cutest Kitty ❤
Cutest Unicorn ❤
This Friday was my second Beach Bash at Carson Beach and it was amazing. My working site was Face Painting & Tattoos. Unfortunately, we didn’t had any tattoos but it was okay, because we were a group full of talents. As the groups of kids were waiting in line for their turn, we had to keep them busy, so there was a piece of blank paper for them to draw the first thing that comes to mind. So yes, we had a lot going on but we managed it to get the work done. I was surprised of the kids patience as they were getting their face painted because they asked for very specific and details things, it was a little bit challenging but enjoyable at the same time because hey, the kids looked like a Snack (Urban Dictionary) with it lol. Besides the hot day, I can say that every kid had an awesome Beach Bash. They could've been fishing, swimming or even in the touch tank I know they did enjoyed it to the fullest.

Stay tuned for my next blog!!!!!!!

~ Esther

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