Wednesday, July 11, 2018

First Week at Save the Harbor!

Today marks the completion of our first week at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay! The most memorable moment was when Lea, my coworker, caught a giant spider crab at the Boston children's museum's pier. It was so big and and looked really interesting because it was different from the other green crabs we had caught. It might have been more interesting to me though because it was my first time seeing such a creature come from the harbor!
Lea holding our first spider crab!

My favorite thing to do was show the kids the crabs we caught with the crab traps. At first I was afraid to touch them but eventually I became more comfortable picking them up and holding them. I also started to think they were cute so it became easier as the week went on! I learned how to distinguish a boy crab from a girl crab from my co-workers and am now able to teach the kids and adults that stop by too. Although no fish were caught with on our fishing rods, a lot of crabs were.

Being at the Children's Museum site this whole week was fun! I love my co-workers and the children are so cute and it's so fun to show them sea life. Despite the fact that it was disgustingly hot this week, I enjoyed my time at the Children's Museum overall! My coworkers and I enjoy seeing the families that come to us and ask us questions about the sea life. Interacting with families and their children is a fun and unique experience as the curious children always have questions to ask. As the summer continues I hope I will learn more information about the sea and can answer more of the questions they ask!

Fishing outside the Boston Children's Museum
See you next week! 


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