Thursday, July 12, 2018

State Street Volunteers at Carson Beach

On July 12th, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and volunteers from State Street Corporation spent the day at DCR's Carson Beach in South Boston for a day of stewardship. The group of 40 fanned out over a mile throughout the day to clean, sweep, weed, and help maintain this 3 mile long beach.

Starting off the morning at the McCormack Bathhouse!

One group took on the duty of litter pick up sweeping the beach from the water to the boardwalk (and even under!) to find trash that needed to be removed. Another group spent the day weeding, cutting and pulling out plants growing under and up through the boardwalk.

Jason helped to weed out under the boardwalk at the McCormack.

Raquel helped pull out grasses growing up through the boardwalk.

A third group took on invasive species removal on both the beach and in nearby Moakley Park. This included digging up sumac bushes along the seawall and cutting away vines growing around tree trunks.
Shawna smiled while she dug up invasive sumac near the seawall.

Carson Beach is the cleanest urban beach in the country and we at Save the Harbor strive to keep it that way. Throughout the cleanup people spending the day at the beach came up to Save the Harbor and State Street volunteers to thank them for their efforts and ask for ways they could get involved too! Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to educate community members about the area, environmental issues, and Save the Harbor's work while also contributing to the maintenance of the beach.

Matt got into the weeds to clear out every bit of trash he could find.

The group left the beach remarking how much they loved seeing the difference they could make in just a few hours volunteering. Thanks to everyone who came out to make this a wonderful day!

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