Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Week 1-JC

July 5, 2018

Alright! So lets start off with what I've experienced so far, on the first day of work (Monday) I was late! oh no! I missed my fist day of work due to my tardiness and was pretty distraught about it. It was because of my lateness that I missed the boat to camp harbor view, my assigned location, and was instead sent to the children's museum which was actually pretty fun all things considered. I got to melt in the sun with Jasseim, and Lea. I was even able to make friends with not only some of the kids from that group but also a few of the children and parents walking by who were curious enough to come check us out. The kids were all horrible at fishing, obviously since 9/10 kids cant sit still long enough for anything to bite, but it was still very exciting when their faces would light up as they pulled up a small crab or saw us taking fish out of the crab trap (Yes I know that's backwards, but that's really how it happened!). Even towards the end of the day people would stop by as they were leaving to say goodbye, with one of the children even coming up and giving me a hug! Overall I can say that despite the universes best efforts I had a pretty alright time working Monday.

Tuesday was the day where I actually woke up on time! yay! I spent the majority of Tuesday either talking to Esther with her horrible jokes, or Qalie about manga and anime he slacking on, or pulling one of the campers rods out of some seaweed. Definitely the worst part of working on Tuesday was the heat I could feel my body being slowly liquefied by the suns raw heat, luckily Esther brought sunscreen so I didn't have to worry about burning. Overall it was just a really hot day and it was affecting everyone, we tried to spice things up and dropped some fish meat in the touch tanks for the crabs to fight over and the kids seemed to love. I cant lie either I was pretty entertained. The rest of the day was mostly uneventful, but we ended it with a really cool shower in icy water and it honestly was the greatest thing I've ever felt.

Wednesday we had off.

Thursday we had a very exciting staff meeting at 7:30 in the morning! which I loved! Sadly my group had to leave early so we would catch our boat, the morning ride was pretty uneventful, the craziest thing was a juice box hitting me in the face but that was empty. When we had arrived everyone could instantly feel that the sun had shown us mercy and we begrudgingly accepted the 92 degree weather. We only had two groups that day with one of them we showed them a huge haul of crabs with more then Ten in one trap! With one of our groups even managing to catch a skate! This was exciting but also kinda dangerous as kids like to go and poke things that don't wanna be poked. After we showed the kids the skate we asked them to stand back as we released it so to keep everyone safe, and it gracefully slid back into the water, and thus concluding another average day!


Helping them reel in a big catch!

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