Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Making strides

First Striper of the day
This week I was At Camp Harbor View for the first time this summer and it was exciting to be back on the campus again since being a camper last, in 2011. Lots of new faces and some familiar ones as well but I got to meet those who were new as well as connect with most who were new. I like that they took care of us on the boat ride there with free breakfast and fruits and a lunch during the day, so that was cool. During the week I bounced around from a variety of cites but Friday was a good day as I caught my first fish of the summer and boy was it cool.

As soon as we got off the Provincetown Boat and baited the rods, I chose to cast all the rods out before the campers to see what cool things we could catch to show them upon their fishing club. Meanwhile I was casting out the other rods I noticed the rod almost go airborne over the rail. The combination of the wind and the waves I didn't believe there was anything on the hook besides a huge rock at the bottom of the harbor until I railed it up and seen it was a striper. The first cast of the day at 9:45 in the morning and that was certainly a good way to kickstart the day but finish off the week.

Finding Asian Shore crab

Earlier in the week while on all access,  the kids were all excited about the dark tunnel and they were pumped to experience it with me. After hearing stories about how I screamed and terrified of the dark, they thought they could covience me into going in. The whole boat ride we talked and guess each others birthdays but unfortunately I wasn't able to spend the day with them once at the island. On the boat ride back  they were bummed they didnt get the chance to hang out with me as much but was understanding of what I do for work. That mad me feel good at least because then I know I didnt disappoint them entirely. all the kids seemed to love the blue kickball I always carry around because im outgoing and engage with them while using the ball to play games. I had a awesome week at all the sites and I am excited to see more new faces throughout the course of the summer. 

The heat will and can take a toll on you mentally and physically so it is important to stay hydrated and fueled with energy. I made sure I was active on the boat ride both, to and from the island; providing children and adults with cups of water provided by the boat. The summer is coming together and I like it, I like what we continue to accomplish on the different sites and the people who work tirelessly in the background to provide us and the families with the opportunity to be on the harbor. 

Sea ya next time!!

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