Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Intern - Eve Liberatore

Hello there!

My name is Eve Liberatore and I'm so excited to start my new journey as Save the Harbor/Save the Bay's 2019 Environmental Policy intern! I'm currently in grad school at Umass Dartmouth in the Environmental Policy program, and it's such a privilege to be able to learn and glean real-world experience at the same time. I've always been an environmentally minded individual, but in the last few years I've really been honing in on exactly what that means. Sure, I can say that I recycle and try to keep a sustainable diet, but that just isn't good enough anymore - I realized that I needed to become involved on a higher level, and that's where SHSB comes in!

While I love sunbathing and boogie boarding as much as the next gal (which is to say, a lot!), that's not why I chose to work with an organization dedicated to the ocean specifically; it'll sound a bit corny, but the reason I feel so strongly that preserving and protecting the oceans is because, to me, the ocean is the great elemental force driving our planet. Shore to shore, the oceans belong to everyone and no one (which is of course metaphorical, because as a policy major I can tell you that that is super not true, but anyway...) For me, the ocean is the ultimate reminder that we are all connected. And so, it's in the interest of this connection, of preserving the health of the planet we all call home, that I am so honored to join up with SHSB.

I've lived just outside Boston all my life, and in a city with such fierce civic pride, the harbor truly is the beating heart of the city. From walks along the North End (on the way to Mike's Pastry, obviously) to the fresh seafood at any of Boston's many fine restaurants, there are opportunities to appreciate the ocean here every day. It is my hope, that by working with SHSB, I can use my skills to help bring this sense of appreciation to the public that they serve!

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