Thursday, June 17, 2010

Constitution Beach Summer Kick Off

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Last and I am the Youth Program Coordinator/Lead Teacher at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay this summer. Today I attended the summer kick off event at Constitution Beach. It was great to see all the activity at the waterfront, and so many people of all ages having fun on Boston Harbor.

We had a touch tank filled with critters we gathered from the waters edge. All I had to do was scan the intertidal zone (between high and low tide) and the shore, and we found hermit crabs, green crabs, razor clams, mussels, clams and much more.

You can find lots of interesting sea creatures and observe them right at the water front or in a bucket. Be sure to put them back when you are finished, unless you are going to eat them, or use them for bait!

Save the Harbor / Save the Bay's Boston Harbor Explorers program will be at Piers Park in East Boston every day this summer - and on Constitution Beach as well. Hope to see you at the beach or on the shore!

Thanks East Boston YMCA for hosting the annual summer kick off day at Constitution Beach. It was great!

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