Friday, October 29, 2010

Kids Festival at Wollaston Beach

On Saturday, October 23, some of the Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay staff and I went to the Wollaston Beach Kids Festival. We could have not asked for more beautiful weather! We were instantly greeted by friends of Wollaston beach staff and lots of excited children. We sat up our table and touch tank which held Lucy the Lobster. All of the kids and parents loved looking and learning about the lobster. Michelle and John showed me how to tell the difference between a male/female lobsters. I also learned that lobsters can grow back their limbs!

What I loved most about the event was watching how much the children loved seeing and touching the lobster. Though some were scared at first they all were so excited to see a lobster so close! Having never really seen a lobster so close I was surprised at how big they are…especially their claws! At the festival there was, music, pumpkin painting, cooking decorating and of course pizza! All of us had so much fun and was happy that we had such beautiful weather.


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