Monday, September 26, 2011

First Impressions

I'm Ariana and I am very excited to be joining the team at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay as a policy and communications intern this semester. I am a Senior Environmental Studies/International Affairs major at Northeastern and am anxious to learn more about how Save the Harbor works to make the Boston Harbor and a better place for everyone to enjoy.

Last week, some of the new interns and I took a stroll around the waterfront to acclamate ourselves and take in the area. Boston's Seaport disrict combines an interesting melange of city, waterfront, and everything in between. The open air and sea breeze are a refreshing change from the busy streets downtown. From the Fish Pier's cheerful seafood distributors greeting you in the morning, to the breath-taking views of boats and tall ships lining the docks, to the sheek, new restaurants and bars lining the streets, the area has a little something for everyone.

We made our way down to Anthony's Pier 4 and I quickly realized how many Boston landmarks I still have yet to visit - even though this is my fourth year as a student in Boston. Now, I will have no excuse not to visit the Atlantic Beer Garden or the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) since they are practically right next door.

We stopped for lunch at the very popular J. Pace restaurant and enjoyed some delicious Italian sandwhiches and calzones before getting stuck in the rain and hail storm. It allowed for some people-watching as tourists, businessmen and women, and retired locals passed by. When weather cleared up and it was safe to venture outside again, we continued our stroll and noticed the stark contrast between the old, abandoned brick building and the newly-opened stores and restaurants - a sign of the vast transformation the Boston Harbor has seen in the past few years.

I am excited for my work with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay to begin and look forward to spending more time in this beautiful area.

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