Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun in the sun

Today was my second day of fishing with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay in front of the Boston Children's Museum. The weather and time helped get more kids to come out and fish with the crew. It was very sunny out and the tide was high. Construction across the Chanel was quiet so maybe there was more fish out. Fishing was very fun. Once we got the rods and set up everything, it was time to fish. Since I learned a little about fishing the other day, I was prepared for what was ahead of me. Many kids started showing interest in fishing and wanted to fish. Since most of the kids were young and didn't know how to fish it was my job to help them. I was able to show the kids how to fish and even though it took awhile it was worth the wait. Once I showed the kids how to fish they were fascinated and in love with it. The kids stayed fishing for over 30 minutes and didn't even want to leave, hassling their parents to let them stay. To see all of them have a blast was amazing and even though we were not able to catch fish everyone had a great day. I look forward to hopefully helping Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay in the summer with fishing.

Christian Aguilar

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patti said...

My children and their friends (there were six kids total) LOVED it. It was the highlight of their day. Thank you!