Sunday, January 20, 2013


Greetings and Salutations!

Boston, you're my home!
I’m Amanda and I hail from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Currently I’m a Junior majoring in History. At first, it would seem rather odd how I ended up at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I’m a history major – what does that have to do with the environment? And I probably couldn’t tell you anything related to the ocean except that the moon affects the waves apparently. But what I do have is an affinity for learning and helping my community and that is exactly what I have been able to do at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. Despite a number of years out of the city, I’m a Bostonian born and raised. I grew up near Boston harbor, ran along the Charles River, learned to fish at Castle Island with my uncles, went whaling watching on the Boston harbor cruises during the summers, and who knows how many times I went swimming at Revere and Nantucket beach. I’m familiar with the harbor and that’s what attracted me to the organization, whose mission is to “restore and protect the harbor and bay, and to reconnect Bostonians from every neighborhood regional residents and visitors alike, so that we can all enjoy the benefits”. Because I’ve personally benefited from the clean harbor Boston now has, I want to help and make sure this continues for future generations. 

Just another day on our Harbor

Thus far, besides being able to partake in the helping of my community, what I love about interning here is the flexibility. Although I was hired as an administrative/prospect research intern, I’m able to dabble in different areas of the organizations. This alone makes me feels more in control of my experiences here. As Bruce told me when I first arrived, “What do you want to do here?” This internship is more then just fulfilling orders; it’s about taking charge and making it happen. Regardless if you’re an environmental advocate, future scientist or even a history major, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay opens the door to a ton of possibilities across any study or interest. And in the process, you’d be doing great justice not only to the city of Boston but its residents!

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