Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Semester with Save the Harbor

You know that saying “Time flies when you are having fun?” Well it describes my time at Save the Harbor perfectly. Save the Harbor is filled with enthusiastic and motivated workers that create an inviting environment to work in.

I remember how nervous I was on my first day, I didn’t know what to expect from my first internship. I know now that I was very lucky to have my first experience here, and I will take a lot away with me from my time here. I have gained new skills, met some great people and learned a lot about an important and influential organization. 

                                                             Fantastic Fall 2013 interns

As a communications intern, I worked primarily on social media. One of my assignments was to post photos from Save the Harbor’s summer programs and events on Facebook. This was a chance to not only to share the photos that had been collected over the summer, but also remind people of all the fun Save the Harbor had. My favorite part of this assignment was looking through thousands of photos from the summer and learning about the stories behind them. I’ve learned so much about the youth programs and events that I wish that I was there to witness them myself.

I’ve gained experiences at Save the Harbor that I know I wouldn’t be able to gain anywhere else, and I am very thankful to Bruce, Patty and the rest of the STH staff for making this possible!

It’s hard to believe that my last day has come, but I know I am leaving with more experience and great memories! 

See you around the harbor! 


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