Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hi! I'm Max.

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I began my internship with Save The Harbor / Save The Bay earlier this new year. Being the Web Design and Content Developer intern, I develop, edit, and customize the organization's websites. As of last Spring (2014), I am a Boston University graduate with a Bachelors in History. Surprising? Seldom do history majors venture into the realm of web design but I am not one to stay within the mold. While I may not have an academic
background in programming, I have always enjoyed making websites and develop social media tools in between college studies. Although the skills I learned from history may not be helpful at times when designing, they do give me an unique quality compared to some web designers. A background in humanities gives me different perspectives on subjects and design layouts while analysis skills allow me to read in between the lines of analytics.

Headed to Georges Island via ferry in 2009
Headed to the Georges Island in 2009
So that is one of the reasons why I am here with Save The Harbor / Save The Bay: to develop my skills and this great organization's online presence. I could say that is my only reason but then I would be misguiding you. The other major reason why I took the internship is that I love Boston, more specifically the historically significance and character of it. I certainly was not going to pass down an opportunity to learn more about the incredible harbor islands that unfortunately seem to be forgotten by Bostonians at times. One of my favorite trips during the summer is going to one of the islands, especially Georges Island. To have a opportunity to promote the islands via a field (web design) that I really enjoy working in is a dream come true!

Finally, one last thing that is not related to this internship but really shows who I am. I mentioned before that I am not one to stay within the mold, and so let me tell you about one of my favorite things to do in Boston. I play quidditch. Quidditch is a sport developed from the Harry Potter book series. The best way to describe it without seeing it played is to say that it is a combination of rugby, basketball, dodge ball, and flag football. I played for Boston University for three years, was selected to play for Team USA in an international tournament this past summer (2014), and I currently play for QC Boston: The Massacre, which is a community team based out of Boston. Talk about something that does not fit the mold! But that is who I am, someone who loves trying out new things and challenging myself to get good at the things I enjoy doing. And who knows, maybe we will see some quidditch being played on the islands this summer!

 So that's a wrap! I am truly looking forward to this upcoming Spring as I work with Save The Harbor / Save The Bay develop their online presence and hope that come Summer, the islands will have a lot more visitors than in the past.

- Max Havlin

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